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Mugello is on this weekend

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Q3Arena, May 29, 2015.

  1. It has already started (FP1) but as far as free to air is concerned it is on Sunday night.

    It's on ONE at 9pm here in Adelaide. Check your guides for details in your area of the woods :)
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  2. Race is at 10 pm on ONE in the Eastern states I think. 9.30 for the recap.
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  3. How the fark did rossi hang on too that.....freak!!
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  4. Great race. Good dicing for the lower podium.
  5. Nooooooo no more posts I have recorded to watch in peace and alone later! :(
  6. I do try never to mention names or placings. :)
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  7. I am so excited to watch in peace so I can do freeze frame cornering and overtakes! :D
  8. There will be plenty of that then. It'll take you hours.
  9. Excellent!! Can't wait bring it on!
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    How did Rossi win that!

    Tip, don't enter a thread about said race then :chicken:

    edited - I must be going senile, I spelt win - when...
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  11. Ba ha ha. Well der!
    Just didn't expect discussions on here just yet...will dutifully stop watching thread now...I was like a moth to the flame I just had to see what was posted...
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  12. Go Crazy Joe!!!!!!!!!
  13. Okay so tonight is my first chance to sit in peace and watch the Mugello Italian GP (poor Marquez he needs a hug).
    But what i want to know and i am sure RRdevilRRdevil and LionzLionz and many others will be able to explain to me is why a lot of the guys completely straighten out their non cornering leg before a corner please?
    Is it positional?

    Also why is there a 1 degree difference posted between left (61 degrees) and right (60 degrees.) cornering angles the when they show the ride around the circuit with a camera on a bike before the start of the race?

    More questions to come as I dissect in the privacy of my lounge room with a bottle of bubbles and the remote and ON MY OWN :D
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  14. Some say hanging their leg out is a habit they have gotten into from seeing others do it! Others say hanging that leg out at 200ish km/h when coming into the corner acts as a bit of a wind brake and starts to turn them into the corner. Who knows. Like you said it would be interesting if any of the guys that race around here do it!
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  15. OMG what about Iannone and that ducati's grunt up the straight...wow wow....I do so love a ducati.

    Lorenzo rode a text book but unexciting race but Maquez...poor sausage...:(
    Rossi was looking the goods as well really had to wrk for third. Good!

    Next race will be interesting...I have a new watching habit now but I have to wait until I can watch uninterrupted!
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  16. So true. I don't understand how people can say it's boring. There is so much going on all the time and they are always on the knifes edge!!

    Do you watch the FIM World Superbikes!! Another huge obsession!! So many classes WSBK, WSS, STK600, STK1000 Woohoo :)
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  17. Biggest race of the year this week! Catalonia seems to be the home of MotoGP at the moment.
  18. Has anyone heard from RRdevilRRdevil at all...haven't seen him on NR for about a month now...
  19. I hadn't even noticed the difference! Quite honestly i wish they'd just do away with all and those grphics and arrows that so you can just concentrate on watching the rider's positioning.

    Q3ArenaQ3Arena i think the 'breaking aid' is just another theory put forward over time for the leg wave. Do i do it? Hell no, i'm normally too busy just trying to remember to breathe.

    As for the leg wave history, there's a good read here:

    If you can't be bothered to read it here's an interesting history on something similar:

    For several decades, American dirt trackers all looked behind the same way: They would leave their left hand on the bar and tuck their head under their left armpit to check on who was back there. Over time, all sorts of theories were produced, most of them having to do with improved aerodynamics from keeping your head down. But people kept asking why they did it, and eventually a pattern developed:

    Chris Carr: "I saw Scotty Parker ride that way"...

    ...Scott Parker: "I learned it from Springer"...

    ...then Springer [Jay Springsteen] admitted: "Mert Lawill showed me that"...

    ...at which point Mert admitted "I got that from Bart Markel"

    ..eventually Black Bart said he learned it from Carroll Resweber, who said he learned it from another Texas Racer, who -when they finally tracked him down - revealed The Secret:

    "Hell, boy, I was blind in my left eye... that was the only way I could see behind me!"

    Lol, so really the blind leading the blind ;)
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  20. I think it's just whoever said qualifying lap they have used, generally the fastest lap or pole sitter.
    The only difference in the lean angle would be personal.
    Most people find one direction more comfortable to turn or lean than the other, and I think most of us prefer lefts to rights.
    It also depends on the corner in question, it's length, radius, your entry speed etc.

    That these guys only have 1 degree different between left and right to me is amazing. I guess they have the knee down to gauge, and are so used to doing it . . . .
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