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Mufti steps down - GOOD RIDDANCE!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Scottatron, Jun 10, 2007.

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  2. When i think of the mufti, all i remember is the Chasers episode when Julian goes up 2 him to pick a fight then he says "i'll fix you!" and comes back with Anthony Mundine... lol

    bout time i says.

    ^^ get it?? bout?? ahhh whatever...
  3. Not before time, this man and some of his supporters/colleagues are not acting in line with local values, and have no intention of doing so evidenced by past performances.
  4. Enough of them (supporters/colleagues) must be in order to have him reappointed in what I assume would be a democratic process.
  5. You would assume wrong. The process in no way resembles a democracy. In fact to my way of thinking it most closely resembles the the labyrinthine intrigues that characterise the way the Catholic church selects the next pope. Ordinary muslims do not get a look in.
    Nevertheless, I agree that the old fool must have some significant support for his views at a high level of influence, or he would not have survived this long. Weeding the rest of his kind out will not be an easy task for those that are inclined to take it on.
    But let's hope that somebody does.
  6. That mans done more damage to Islam by opening his trap than America has done themselves by the Iraq war..
  7. correct me if i'm wrong here..... but although that mufti was in the media all the time, wasn't the specific "thing" he was in charge of disbanded and pointless anyway?? so all of his ramblings being effectively poiuntless anyways??
  8. I guess that's why they call assumption the mother of all F ups :p