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Muffler weld

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by zx9er, Aug 19, 2013.

  1. Howdy forum.

    I have a broken muffler bracket. It sits underneath where the bottom of the muffler connects to the well, the bracket thingy. The "Muffler Mart" on York st Penrith quoted me $100 to make up a bracket that fits better and weld it on for me. Does this sound reasonable? Has anyone else been to the muffler mart? Do people rate him?

  2. It sounds expensive and also the round number '100' adds to this view.

    Do you know someone with a welder? Shop around. You just need a workshop with someone willing to re-weld the bracket. It is not a techo muffler job, rather a small time welding job.
  3. At first s&r pro quoted me $40 if I took it off myself. I said I'd bring the bike down for a look and a chat. After taking one look at it he said he didn't want to do it and recommended muffler mart.
  4. I think if they are making a bracket and welding it on most of that 100 will be for time, skilled tradesman don't come cheap.
  5. Sounds reasonable to me.
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    Yep, if a tradesman spends an hour on your bike $100 is dear. Measure, cut, bend, drill, weld, easily add up to an hour. And that's if you take the muffler off for him.

    [edit should read "isn't dear"]
  7. And if the muffler is stainless steel you want someone who knows what they are doing.
  8. If you think that a professional is expensive, wait until you see the clean up bill after an amateur has had a bash at it.
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  9. Well it came in at $75 in the end. Nice bloke too. He didn't know his bikes too well but I don't mind that because he knows his mufflers. Pretty stoked actually. He started work on the bike straight away and seemed to be careful. He gave me advice about another muffler issue I had too.
  10. Good stuff. Maybe you should drop his details here. It's hard to find people to do odd jobs on bikes like this without being reamed.
  11. Muffler mart and tyre. 7/33 York road Penrith, 4731 6311. I never got the guys name unfortunately.

    Look for the big muffler shaped sign out the front. Pretty much next door to Kelen Kawasaki.
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