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Muffler Repair?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by GSXROD, Aug 24, 2007.

  1. Can it be done and who offers this kind of service?

    Specificaly after a recent "incident" I have a couple of tiny dents and some minor scuffing on my exhaust muffler, mainly on the pipe hanger. Instead of having to fork out big bucks for a new pipe can I get it repaired? I have tried google searching but have had no luck, can this sort of thing be fixed? I'm located in Melbourne so anywhere Melbourne or Geelong is fine.

    Any suggestons appreciated.
  2. how about some more info.

    Brand, material etc etc.
  3. Just the standard pipe off a CBR250rr. Tidying it up before selling it and the pipe is on the list. Either repair it or buy a replacement.
  4. Try tingate raceing in warrandyte area,see web site for details.I have found them very helpfull :grin:
  5. or Ken at Megacycle
  6. thankyou. will do.
  7. U can just sand and buff it out like u do a scratch on your paint. (using apropriate grits of sandpaper.
    Assuming its the original alloy muffler that comes on the CBR
  8. That's the sort of advice I like. How about the small dents? Any way of doing dent removal?
  9. dent removal pain in the arse on the cibby exhust.

    U can try to putty the dent with something like quicksteal then respray the hole exhust, and hope the glue sticks to the weird alloy the paint sticks to it and u cant see the blemishes but that seems like a waste of time.

    Or try welding on some alloy to fill the dent then polish as above which should work in theory, all u need is someone who can weld alloy.

    Like i said too hard
  10. Seconded, or just buy a Megacycle muffler and replace the stock one with something better looking and sounding :cool:
  11. Lol i forgot option 3

    get some sheet metal wrap it around the original aloy exhust then drill some holes around the edges and use pop rivet to staple the metal to the exhust.
    It what sumoto does
  12. All sorted bought a Secondhan OEM job off Ebay for $62. I'll stick it in the cupboard untill I'm ready to sell. In the mean time I'll rip the guts out of the damaged pipe i've got on just for kicks.