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Muffler madness!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by mark59, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. My TGB 150 scoot has gone from near silent to a wanna be HD. And I'm loving it! :dance:

    Something has come loose inside the muffler which I can hear rattling around inside the can. The result is a wonderful chorus of burbles, rumbles and pop-pop-poppppppp on acceleration or deceleration. And there seems to be no reduction in performance.

    I see this as a massive improvement in creating awareness in the cagers of my presence as I filter through peak hour traffic. It also does wonders in keeping pedestrians on the footpath too.

    One question - is this change in the function of the muffler doing any harm to my ride? Is it really affecting performance (good or bad) and will my short term Hog-Heaven dream come to an abrupt mechanical end?

    As far as the EPA is concerned - well, I have dozens of HDs burbling past my place in Eltham every weekend and they are WAYYYYY louder than my unmuffled 150 TGB. So, decibels, shmecibles.

    Is this a fault I really need to get fixed or a new feature to celebrate? I was looking to buy a 'performance' pipe at some stage so this 'fault' has come along in the nick of time.
  2. I'm sure it sounds great... kinda like one of "Hells Postmen", or a pissed off wasp in an empty tinny. :)

    If there is no noticeable change in the way the engine feels then, there is likely to be no real change in tuning as a result of the baffle falling apart... yet. If the baffle is floating around it's possible it might block the muffler up one day... unlikely but possible.

    (Bearing in mind that you've done nothing to the inlet.) As long as the muffler is still the same volume (size) and the outlet is still the same diameter and length, there will be no great change in the flow of the whole exhaust... but do be mindful of lean running; it can overheat the combustion chamber and ruin your day.

    If you've been running it on 91RON ULP, you might try going to 95RON; it's just bit more viscous and will richen the mix a bit... if it runs like puss, go back to 91.
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  3. Many Nods AzzA!

    Yes - by George I think you've got it - pissed of EuroWasp in an empty Fanta can to be exact.

    I've done nothing to the muffler at all to induce this state of sublime noisynesss. I thought about unscrewing the end cap off the muffler but the bolts feel rusted in place. Its a cute little scoot but cheap as chips, made of string, gladwrap and spit. I reckon the whole exhaust assembly would just dissolve into a pile of rusty dust if I tried to open it up, so I'll just ride on and hope nothing blocks up. I guess a sudden change in note would signal this - in which case riding over a curbing might loosen things up again.

    What is this "lean running" you speak of, oh Obi Wan?

    In terms of fuel, I run it on that nice 98 stuff. I'm not too sure if this is a dang fool waste of money but I like to think I'm giving it the best chance to make a speedy getaway at the lights etc. Is this perhaps destroying the engine from the inside? My gear cost more than the used scoot as my first ride. I spent over $500 recently on a replacement oil cooler (yes'um $500) so I guess it will gradually disintegrate over time.

    Yippee - I get to buy a motysickle then!

    I've done 6200 of its 7200km and I'm riding 5 x 50 km per week, so I hope to see out my LAMS period and upgrade in 11 months. Maybe optimistic? It'll be fun (and noisy) while it lasts!