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muffler/exhaust opinions

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by yelloweagle, Nov 18, 2005.

  1. I am in the process of looking at exhausts for a cbr600rr, think I have narrowed it down to micron, arata or yoshi that is around my price limit.
    Any opinions? I have heard all three and all seem to sound good lol so finding it hard to make a decision.

  2. have a listen to them here

    check the weight of all of them from manufacturers

    and then work out which one you like the look of best

    oh and also talk to your mechanic, some will have an idea what will work best
  3. i also saw somewhere a comparison table of weights, prices, noise levels and prices. can't find it now though. i remember the micron being the loudest when i was looking, something like 105db i think (without baffle).
  4. my choice of the 3 would be ..the Yoshi
  5. i think micron you'll get a little more power improvement over the yoshi
  6. I'd be going the Micron on the Honda..... :)
    Just my 2 cents. :wink:
  7. I'd go teh Yoshi.

    Only one things sounds like a yoshi.......thats another yoshi.

    What is it with the weight concerns?
    Like thats going to make a huge difference riding around on the streets.
    If you were racing, then sure :)
  8. being a Honda i would sway towards the Micron, they seem better suited
  9. I have it on good authority that Milo tins work quite well...
  10. Someone had to say it. :LOL:

    Although I thought they were better suited to Civics and Lancers?
  11. thxs for that, after a long decision even though love the sound of yoshi's as well gone the micron twin :), has baffers( think they are called that) you can take out if yah want :), fills in the gap :) I know it is a personal thing so hopefully I have made the right choice :).