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muffler bearings and headlight fluid?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by TimTams, Jun 14, 2012.

  1. Hiya all :grin:

    Seeing as I have never really looked after my bikes properly in the past but am soon to be getting a brand new one... I want to make sure I look after it properly. I know most things I will be told by the dealership when I get it, like lube the chain every tank of fuel, or every day if the weather is wet etc etc (direct quote from kawasaki) but are there some certain things they won't tell me that I can do to make sure my bike stays spick and span for as long as possible?

    As an example, I have been told by plenty of mechanics that changing the oil in my 1994 diesel 4WD every 10,000kms is enough, but I have seen many examples of changing every 5,000 leading to prolonged engine life and when I do, the engine runs quieter and "feels" smoother. Stuff like that but for bikes - I really want to baby my new machine and make sure I don't ruin it out of ignorance.

    Such things may include: "stay clear of X brand chain lube" "change coolant X often" "avoid cleaning with X solution" "use premium fuel" etc etc

    Cheers and sorry for the noobness
  2. Dont get fuel on your tank, when you hop on or off make sure your boots dont drag along the fairings.

    Dont park in motorcycle parking in the city, your bike WILL get scratched, mainly by inconsiderate scooter riders that will actually move your bike to squeeze their scooter in.

    Change oil & filter every 5000km. Muffler bearing should be looked over when changing oil & headlight fluid should be changed when it starts to get murlky. Dont get the headlight fluid on your paint, it will ruin it!

    Dont park in it the rain, always garage it. Dont put a cover on it on windy days it will scuff the paint after a while.
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  3. Only use fully synthetic headlight fluid or your globes won’t last long.
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  4. Ride it, don't waste precious riding time with stupid things like cleaning it.
  5. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! That's a good one.
  6. Dont abuse the muffler bearings,or they will end up like these-

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  7. LOL nice answers =D>

    So.... don't follow this then? What IS a good 'schedule' for spraying the chain?

    Cheers all
  8. a fresh coat of chrome paint once a week should do it
  9. I lube my chain once a week...however maybe twice a week if it has rained a few of the days. If it had rained for the whole week quite heavily, I clean my chain on the weekend and give it a fresh spray of lube.

    I ride 500-600km a week commuting. If I go for a ride around the hills, I'd lube it the night before I go out.

    That's just me...not sure if that's overkill, but I like a quite chain.
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  10. The schedule proposed is great, as long you're not doing much else in your life. Really, the more often you clean and lubricate the chain, the better. It's hard to overdo. I was only trying to point out that I seriously doubt many riders lubricate their chain as often as Kawasaki proposes. Keep in mind that, at the end of the day, the chain and sprockets are items of normal wear and tear. Make sure the chain is always adjusted well (if it gets too loose you have a safety issue), and try to care for them as much as possible, but if you neglect to apply lubricant as often as "every time it rains" it only means that these items will wear quicker and need to be replaced sooner.

    For me, that's not a big deal because my time is spent more valuably in other places.
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  11. Lube your chain every 300kms, clean it with kerosene every 1,000k. If you ride in the rain lube it once you get home and its still warm otherwise it rusts and the next time you go out it will have very little oil on it. If you want, get something like a Scottoiler but they're not really needed. Take off the chain guard (usually just two phillips head screws) and it makes lubing a lot easier
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  12. cheers for the tips guys :D
  13. I ride a 1200 Bandit. It gets ridden everyday, rain, hail or shine. The chain gets lubed every 3rd tank of fuel. Round town that means every 600km (or there abouts), highway riding it's roughly 900kms (or there abouts).

    As for cleaning it, I have a gold chain, when it's no longer gold it gets cleaned.

    Oh, I average 25,000km from a chain.
  14. nice job on the thread title lol that is genius
  15. Must be the bikes - my 650 "Faired Bandit" just did 24500Km on a set.
    Also did it on the factory front tyre, but that was probably about 2-3K too far.

    As for the OP: If you're considering a Hyosung, you should keep a box of spare electrons in the shed for the inevitable electrical problems.
    Oh, and a carton of levers.
    Actually, if you're considering a Hyosung: STOP IT!
  16. and after you lube your chain lube you clutch and throttle cables this will keep them in good working order .
  17. Well fuck me, it lives!
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  18. love this thread.. reminds me that I have a chain, almost forgot they were there and need lubeee.

    besides chains, cables and headlights, anything else on the bike that needs lubing up?

    might have missed out something. :facepalm:
  19. Who'd have thought. Mention lube and in comes NightKreeper :LOL: