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mudguard for backwheel?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by spenze, Jun 27, 2010.

  1. I've only noticed these things recently, and I can only describe them as a mudguard, although I am not entirely convinced thats what they are.

    They're fitted really close to the back wheel and are usually only around 10cm in length (at my best guess). I have no idea what they're really for and my googling for mudguards turned up nothing.

    This pic is not exactly what I mean, but its close enough.

    Hopefully someone can tell me what they're called so I can find more info?
    Or save me the time and tell me what they're for and if can they be put on any bike?

    I just think they look cool. (unless they do turn out to be functional as well)

  2. As TheRuss says, they're a device for meeting the 45 degree rule in the ADRs (and, I suspect, in other countries' roadworthiness requirements) without hanging several acres of crap under the bike's ducktail.

    With careful attention to coverage angles and indicator spacing, yes, you could go the (moderate) FE route without legal hassle.
  3. depending on your bike, you could get a hugger.
  4. I've not seen many huggers that go much past 12 o'clock, when you need half past one.
  5. Awesome thanks, it looks what I am thinking of is indeed called a "hugger".

    btw I definitely do not have a beemer
  6. I reckon it's a really clever way to get around the 45 degree requirement whilst maintaining a high-and-short trailbike tail. :) I'm surprised more companies don't do something like that, given the amount of scaffolding modern RR bikes have hanging from their ultra-short, ultra-high tails nowadays.


    I mean, seriously? :p
  7. Aren't you meant to put paper clips on, so when you feel the sparks burning your draggins you Know you've got the front up too high?