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Mucking around with fisheye and light painting

Discussion in 'Bikes' started by Dan76, Jun 27, 2010.

  1. I recently got a cheap 8mm fisheye lens and thought I'd take a lightpainting shot in my garage, just for the hell of it.

    Certainly not an stunner but interesting I thought.

    You'll have to excuse all the clutter in the background too, sfa room in my garage unfortunately ](*,)

  2. Take the shot again from hip height or lower, it makes the bike more imposing
  3. Yes and also in a park where there isn't a background to clutter the image.

    And maybe even get a bit closer so the bike is really in your face.
  4. or maybe just enjoy the picture as it is.....
  5. Some people appreciate constructive criticism :wink:

    Nice shot! And I agree with the helpful hints too :)

    Btw it depends on what sort of pic you are going for. I think including the right kind of clutter really makes the bike and pic your own. A little snapshot of a day in the life of your bike (as it were) can work well with your tools, oil cans, posters etc in the background IMHO. Showing us where it lives.

    When you say cheap 8mm, how much, where from, what camera you use etc please? :grin:
  6. Thanks for the feedback folks.

    I agree a lower angle would work better for a more menacing look and composition for this shot is crap, LOL.

    When I get a chance I intend on taking the bike and gear to an empty carpark and having a "proper" shoot.

    This was just a quick "test shot" to see how the lens performs with this kind of task.

    Its Samyang brand, $420 off Ebay. Never heard of it before, just took a punt and am very happy with it thank god!

    Gives 167 degree FOV on a 1.6 crop. I used my 7D for this shot, bulb mode, and a little 9 LED torch.
  7. I bought a Tokina 11-16mm for my D300. It's a hoot of a lens, fast and sharp as a tack.

    I think I spent $800.

    Having said that an 8mm would be fun.
  8. He criticised it
    we offered constructive criticism
  9. I have the Tokina 12-24, not quite as sharp as the 11-16 but still a good lens.
    Bought this fishy for those tight spots and where 12mm just isn't wide enough, I can tell I'm gonna love this lens :)
  10. Ta. I wondered if it was an LED.

    I like the squiggles it made in the chrome and tank!
  11. Nice shot! Looking forward to seeing further attempts.
  12. I don't think I have enough experience to comment on technique, but I like the quirkyness of this pic, the bar end mirrors and those chrome lights, the grey shades in the rear wall, floor, the bike, that damn clean bike ..

    yeah I like it...
  13. take it where u can see the horizon, use the ocean as a backdrop

    like this :)

  14. Nice shot Goz, I prefer the headlights in my shot though :p

    Ocean backdrop noted, cheers mate. :D
  15. how did you get that lighting ?
    i recenetly bought a fisheye for my gf's 50D

    The lighting looks awsome in that shot.
  16. Just with a small LED torch and long exposure. This shot was a 60 second exposure, while the shutter was open the bike was literally painted with light from the torch.

    Google "light painting", its a fun technique to try out, this was my second attempt at it, pretty easy really. :)
  17. I like the picture and the clutter :D
    sexy bike to!
  18. I want to see more attempts please! Looks awesome!
  19. Cheers Ben! :D

    OK, OK.... keep ya panties on!! (or not, up to you.. :p)
  20. :butt:
    I got told off last time I did that!