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Much difference between an 04 and 08 R1?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by FLYREX, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    Just wondering if there is much difference between an 04 and 08 R1. Power and weight seem pretty similar so are there any standout mechanical/structural items that would suggest buying a new R1 as opposed to an 04?

    Cheers :grin:

  2. my old housemate bought an 07 and has ridden a few older ones and he reckons that the later models have heaps more refinement in the powerband... like they are more predictable and controllable... hope that helps. can anyone back that up?
  3. There's some very neat new tech on the latest model R1s, including fly by wire throttle management computers and variable length air intakes that optimise the intake length for low revs then pop up to optimise for high revs. Basically the 08 onwards R1 is one of the most technologically advanced roadbikes on the planet. Does it make it better to ride? I dunno, I haven't tested one. More here: http://www.gizmag.com/go/6327/

    Having said that, these nifty features may well not be worth the 7K+ extra you need to pay over an 04 model. Many people prefer the 04 body shape as it's a bit less techno and more classy than the new one. The 05 model was also ridiculously overgeared for street use, reaching 180kmh in first gear or something ridiculous like that.

    For my money the older bikes at around $12-13k would be my pick, downgeared to buggery and with money spent on a PCIII to sort out any power curve issues if they bother you. If I was considering buying new, the new Fireblade is acknowledged by one and all as the mutt's nuts of current model superbikes and I'd go for that despite all the techno bells and whistles of the Yam - but that's because I like servicing my own bikes and this new stuff just seems like more weird unfixable things to go wrong.
  4. Thanks for the advice guys.

    I'm in the market for a bike and I'm tossing up between buying 2nd hand or brand new so I appreciate any advice in this regard.

    As Loz mentioned, there's a large difference in price between an 04 and 08 and I agree with him regarding the looks - the 04 has cleaner lines and looks less like a bike a storm trooper would ride haha.

    Keep the comments coming :grin:
  5. I advise everyone to buy secondhand: unless you literally have money to burn the huge depreciation hit on a brand new bike is just rarely worth it, IMO.
  6. the 08's are a bit more fully sicker.