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MUARC study: Want to ride while drunk...

Discussion in 'Research, Studies, and Data' started by thermal, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. Re: Want to ride while drunk...

    looks like an expensive toy
  2. Re: Want to ride while drunk...

    I would participate but if I'm correct they want new riders on L's or P's who have to legally be 0.00BAC to ride to show up and maybe get drunk?

    Thus meaning you have to wait an hour or two after that before you can go home...

    Mind you, throw in some sort of voucher or something and I'd be happy to participate :p
  3. Re: Want to ride while drunk...

    Damn - I'm past my restrictions, mind you I believe I still have a 0.00 BAC restriction. Well I still have my red P's license, maybe they won't scrutinize it too much. This sounds like fun :D
  4. Re: Want to ride while drunk...

    Yeah, that's the only crappy part. But I guess I could hop in the cage as it's for a good cause.
  5. Re: Want to ride while drunk...

    Good cause my arse, it will be used to screw everyone with a zero BAC requirment for motorcycles.
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  6. Re: Want to ride while drunk...

    I'm in. Carpool anyone? ;)
  7. Re: Want to ride while drunk...

    I could use the pillion practice, take ya on the back of my bike if you want.
  8. Re: Want to ride while drunk...

    Oh come on, who changed the title!? I spend a lot of time on these things you know! ;)

    I doubt it. If that was the case, they'd open the testing up to all riders, not just probationary ones.
  9. Thin end of the wedge - it's already being pushed (without evidence) by some jurisdictions for all riders to be 0.00.
  10. This is how I would structure it, to help ensure I get the findings I want, if a zero BAC for motorcycles was my goal.
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  11. You know, I'm not entirely opposed to all road users requiring a zero bac - it takes all the guesswork out of it.

    The ideal situation would be get caught below 0.05, you get 2 or 3 warnings and then after that start losing points off your licence - or even lose them from the start, but no fine (except for people who don't get the message).

    Anything above 0.05 can pretty much stay as is.

    Of course, this would never happen sadly. If they go to zero tolerance, there will be a fine from the beginning, which is just ridiculous.
  12. Waste of time. You'll know you're not going to die if you fuck up on the simulator.
  13. You raise a good point here, the reason we are so focused and vigilant on the roads is because we know if we Ć’uck up or don't pay attention to our surroundings we can get seriously messed up.

    Go ride on a simulator and hit a car doing 150km/h and you really don't care at all.
  14. This is about to contradict my previous post, but...

    I think I'd actually be trying my hardest to prove that I can ride after a drink, so if anything I'd be taking it even easier on the sim than in real life.
  15. How long is it going to take before people learn? MUARC are NOT our friends.

    Talking to them is like talking to the police: It is improbable that it will benefit anyone.

  16. There are only two outcomes to the study.

    1. Statistical evidence that a 0.05 limit is measurably less safe than no alcohol. In that case, we should all agree it's fine to change the law.
    2. Statistical evidence that at 0.05, riding is not discernible from no alcohol. In this case, they can make no arguments and it was a waste of their time (and ours, but hey, free juice! :p)
  17. what about food containing alcohol, or medication? There is a reason that a small amount of alcohol is acceptable.
  18. Actually, it adds more. Had a few drinks on Saturday night? Want to go for a ride on Sunday?

    The outcome of this study will be a recommendation that the BAC limit for motorcyclists be set to 0.00. By participating, you will be increasing their sample size and adding to the legitimacy of that recommendation. Reckon that's worth some lab ethanol and a play on a simulator?
  19. I could very well be wrong, but I'm pretty sure neither of those actually raise your BAC by any measurable amount.

    Riding with a hangover? Even if you had a 0 BAC, but had a bad enough hangover, what are you really trying to achieve? I'm arguing safety, you're arguing not getting a fine. I don't know how hard you go when you're out, but I sure as hell don't feel safe riding the next day sometimes and it has nothing to do with residual alcohol and everything to do with physical exhaustion.