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VIC MUARC - Here we go again

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Chef, Apr 19, 2011.

  1. So much fvcking fail it's not funny.
    I can't be bothered writing a thesis on the subject but the salient points are this.

    (1) The statistics have shown that motorcyclists don't drink and ride
    (2) It's a simulator
    (3) No part of this study will reflect the real world, but they'll use the results as 'evidence' that motorcyclists shouldn't drink and ride.
    (4) Legislation will be changed based on dodgy research with dodgy data.
    (5) What kind of people will be attracted to participate in this study?
    (6) Would they care if the legislation was changed?

    So why waste considerable money and time on something that will have no impact on anything else except motorcyclist's freedoms?
    What else could that time and money be spent on that could positively impact motorcycle riding?
    This is fvcking bullshit of the highest order.
  2. Anyone participating in this "research" must immediately set fire to their motorcycle and dress in beige clothing, settle down for the night and DIE!!!!!!
  3. Yeah just saw that on Facebook.. funny thing is, first comment "Dont post on Netrider"

    It does smell of; we need some research to justify lowering the the BAC limit.. Wasnt there a strategy to try get it down to 0.02?

    Like you said Chef there is already plenty of research out there that states below 0.06 has negligable effect.
  4. two other point:
    - they are only after people who drink 2-3 drinks per week. Given this low amount you would assume their tolerance was lower and thus they will be more significantly effected in the 0.02-0.05 range than the average drinker.

    - It is my understanding that the motorcycle simulator at Monash does not simulate counter steering, so most motorcyclist will be acting against learned instinct on the simulator, something that is exaggerated with drinking.

    The study is corrupt before it even gets off the ground.
  5. With Chef on this one. Avoid.

    On the subject of drinking and riding -

    1 - Don't.

    2 - Many MANY years ago, I discovered that I'm not safe to drive a car with much over the legal limit. It was an expensive lesson, just in repairs and damage. I was a lucky boy it wasn't also legally expensive, and that I didn't hurt or kill anybody. (And that after changing one tyre, the car could be driven home, although it only had about 2 straight panels left on it.) On bikes, on the other hand, I've been a bit luckier. I know I can (or could, years ago) ride a bike while I was that smashed I couldn't walk. And yes, I've done it enough times to prove it's not a fluke.

    Now I don't know what it is about the two vehicles, but I know I can't drive competently while sloshed, but I can ride. It isn't the result you'd expect.
  6. link?
  7. Oh dear.........bwahahahahahaha......I didn't read that.

    There is a strong push for dropping the limit for bikes only. Whether there's data to suggest there's a high number of motorcycle accidents with a low level of alcohol is another thing, but they don't release information to plebs like us. They just tell us.

    In the past, whenever there have been RBT ops, or motorcycle targeted ops in the Yarra Ranges, they've been telling us that riders are found to NOT ride with alcohol in their system. Whereas they ping a lot of cars by comparison.

    So there's something I'm missing, either we don't ride alcohol effected or we do. I can't trust anything they say without the data.

    Mate spot on, I haven't been on the MUARC simulator but I've been on another one, (which just focussed on hazard perception & reaction time) but it felt so alien that I wouldn't call it a good representation of a motorcycle. It was just an over priced playstation.
    p.s. It doesn't wheelie, I tried.

    Oh burn!!! I can actually ride drunk so i'm thinking I should go down there and stuff up their data. Wadda ya reckon?
  8. I'd better fess up you'll get a craic out of this.

    I read that as, 'If Chef's on this one, you'd better avoid it'
    But on re-reading it, 'I'm with Chef on this one, it's better to avoid it'

    I thought you were pulling the piss....lmao

    [NOTE] I'm regularly sent stuff to look at because of my interest in the subject. So sometimes the rants I have on here are about something else, but hey, gotta vent somewhere. My friends don't talk me anymore.
  9. LOL - sorry. Should have been clearer.
  10. Frankly these people can kiss my hairy smelly arse and in acknowledgment, on the day before, I will eat a lava hot onion curry for them.
  11. And what's worse it probably won't be decent booze they give you. (And it's ageist - they don't want old farts like yours truly) :)

    But yes, I'm suspicious of the motives.
  12. 2-3 drinks per week is not the quantity for an average drinker?
  13. If you dont drink 3 or 4 drinks a night, your not a drinker,

    2 or 3 drinks in some one who doesnt drink will make them almost pissed,

    Its a con, a set up and they know it,
  14. I can’t believe this muarc mob is still around. Correct me if I am wrong but hasn’t their research of late contributed to a big fat whopping zero result in the road toll?

    It’s an insult to the Victorian community when they try to influence the law makers into thinking there is a drink ride issue when there is NO EVIDENCE to support such so called research. Is this taxpayer funded research?

    It is so visible it’s beyond a joke. Ted Baillieu really needs to put an end to this type of behaviour and start reigning in these bureaucrats.
  15. Awww why don't they do one with dope.
    Do they have Moto GP 2011 on that thing as well lol
  16. They've been placing small invitations to this survey on most motorcycles parked at Monash Uni Clayton campus.

    Last time they did this I placed a notice near the motorcycle parking area advising riders to check out the relevant netrider threads before participating.

    They took it down just recently.

    I think this time I'll post up something like this with MUARC written on the side. \\:D/
  17. So you're saying they should include alcoholics in their testing, and without them the testing is meaningless? (all other issues with this study/testing aside).
  18. No, not alcoholics,

    What I am saying is, Some one who doesnt drink at all, Will be pissed on a couple of drinks,

    Where as some one who drinks all the time, Wont be affected as much by a couple of drinks,

    Women in particular, non drinking ones,, two drinks and they can be off their heads, Pissed,
    Must be their metabolism,
    This is not a crack at women either,

    So getting non drinkers to drink alcohol, you get a biased result,

    One cop I was talking to did not have one bike rider in 8 years affected by alcohol, another cop said he had only one rider affected, by alcohol .01. and that was years before,.

    You might get Duke riders affected by caffeine, too many Latte's. Hahahahahaha

    Sports bikes and alcohol just dont go together,

    I ride with a lot of riders, some, (Very few I might add,) may have a glass of beer with lunch,

    I do occasionally, But thats it,
  19. The one time I did have a drink while riding, I spent the next 30-40 minutes doddling through sweepers looking at the scenery. Didn't feel up to pushing them. I'm one of the people who will only have a few drinks a week - when there's beer at home, I'll have 1 per night, when there's not I'll often go a couple weeks between.
  20. Mate I got a laugh out of it even if nobody else did. Comedy GOLD. Keep it up, post pics.