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MUARC - Changing their tune?

Discussion in 'Research, Studies, and Data' started by Chef, Sep 28, 2011.

  1. Found it here while surfing for other 'stuff'. I like stuff.

  2. http://manningham-leader.whereilive.com.au/news/story/vicroads-fills-in-warrandyte-accident-hazard/

  3. http://waverley-leader.whereilive.com.au/your-news/story/fatality-just-around-the-corner/

  4. I can see a pattern.
  5. Changing their tune maybe. Or laying the ground work for "SMIDSY is not the drivers fault. Riders should be compelled to wear hi vis at all times so they can be seen, reckless bastards"
    Too cynical maybe.

    But yeah, good to see some attention on the crap and dangerous design of some roads.
  6. Perhaps a smidgy, yes.
  7. In other breaking news, man with big pointy hat in Vatican revealed not to be Protestant.
  8. Interesting. I wonder where they are planning on going with this though...
  9. Until their tune sounds like (and is) the sound of them all resigning or committing group suicide, I'm finding it difficult to find a shit to give about them.
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  10. Ooh look. I think I've found the money shot.

    Remote speed control time.
  11. Sounds like a good error to be made, rather have someone actually paying attention rather than a 'number-in-the-circle' moron the TAC breeds
  12. One of the driving errors listed as speeding was every driver who did not adhere to the speed advisory signs - NOT the speed limit signs, the ADVISORY signs.

    Another error was a driver turning left into a two lane road and turning directly into the right lane rather than the left lane and then re-indicating to change lanes into the right lane.

    IMO, most of the errors were symptomatic of poorly trained drivers... but the study ignores entirely how better training might rectify the errors. It's a frustrating study to read. There was some convo around here about it not that long back.
  13. Oh I didn't catch that. When I had some time up my sleeve I was going to go and chase the paper on muarc's site.

    We know the recommendations will be better signage (more stuff for us to hit) and more enforcement (more cameras which do SFA)

    It's the first study of theirs I've seen which doesn't have speed as their agenda.
  14. o_O

  15. Beg to differ. It's embedded in the report that at least some of the 'errors' were speed related, but just not the fault of the driver. They still think that going slower and slower will solve everything.
    (I try to stay out of it, but ya just keep draggin me back in.... ;) )
  16. LMAO. Come on in bro the water's fine. I don't have the foggiest idea when it comes to MUARC, I have my attentions focused elsewhere. What I have picked up on is because I live in the Waverly Leader area they get mentioned in there from time to time under different guises.

    I've been meaning to have a good look at my member and see whether I can shove him up their arse. Well you know what i mean.
  17. MUARC just does what they are told like a good lap dog.

    If I paid them they would release a report (with statistical evidence) declaring that the sky is orange.

    The real fight is changing the mindset of the groups that fund them.
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  18. Yep yep. I've heard the same from elsewhere. He who pays get to play the tune they dance to. ****ing muppets.

    The Mark Simmons report was 'hey dance for us.....who's a good boy?' set up.
  19. Maybe, but could it be the other way around? MUARC works hand in glove with the companies that develop technologies for automated enforcement, and with quasi-independent bodies like TAC. Is it beyond the realms of possibility that studies are conceptualised around creating a market for these technologies, and then MUARC and their buddies pull the strings to get Vicroads and the government to fund it with tax dollars?

    Yeah, maybe that's crazy, but ask yourself why they are SO opposed to training and engineering solutions.