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MT09 v Speed triple

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Degato, Apr 11, 2016.

  1. Whenever there is a review/comparison of the MT 09 they always pitch it up against the Street Triple. Has anyone out there got experience on the Speed Triple and the Mt 09?
    Im pretty tall ( 6' 3" ) so the Speedy feels better than the Street but Im hearing such good reviews about the MT 09.
    My heart says the Speedy, Im a Trumpy fan.

  2. Buy an MV Brutale. Why settle for second best.
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  3. Get a room George. We know you're in love but we don't need to watch.
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  4. Never ridden an MT09 but I think they're awesome.

    I did have a speed triple and it was a great bike, they look much better than the Yam. If I had an MT09 I'd be spending lots of money on cosmetics because they're quite bland. Front suspension could use an upgrade too.

    Either way you get a sweet triple cylinder.

    Test ride both and you'll probably be able to decide.
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  5. The MT09 is about 85% as good as the speed triple for about 65% of the price. The engine is absolutely legit. But it needs suspension and I'm not crash hot on the brakes either. I got a speed trip. My recommendation with the triumph is to get one without ABS, it's not a great system and it prevents you from using tuneECU to fix the speedo error.

    My reviews:

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  6. Will you be able to get parts for them next month?

    The yamaha and money on suspension seems the wise move
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  7. Just some growing pains. Standard for an Italian run company
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  8. Thanks guys. I like the speedy, always have. Thanks for the responses, that Speedy you tube clip was pretty funny!
  9. Built to different price points so the Trumpy is kitted out much better than the MT.
    Was never a fan of the looks but I kinda like the new 2016 model Trumpy and the Speed R comes with top notch features, Ohlins, brembo monoblocs and slipper clutch. It'll be interesting to see RRP for this beast, reckon just below $20k.
    Bang for buck the MT09 is a stand out if buying new. Even if you throw 3 - 4 grand at it to sort out suspension and fueling you would probably still come under the Speed.
    The only thing that is criminal in both bikes is the small tank sizes, 15l and 14l respectively. Its one of the few things that bugs me about my Zed.
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  10. I did 80,000km on a speed triple , and i've ridden an MT09 and a street triple , here and there.

    IMHO the speed triple is big heavy and old. sad as it is to say , it feels like a tanker compared to the street and the mt09.

    of course the real test is a ride for your self, but if money is no issue , I would be looking at Tuono for handling and power.

    ride em all , and buy the one that lights your fire.
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  11. If you have the money ... buy the Speed.
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  12. Brand new Speedy is launching as we speak. Boris reckons it's better than my one. :(
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  13. LozLoz ... time for a review on the newest "best bike in the whole world ever!"
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  14. Well if you're looking to sell....
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  15. Loz posted his actual review clip, not just a random youtube clip ;)
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  16. I'm gagging to ride it. Gagging. Such a simple bike and such a beauty. Hope the new electronics don't stuff it all up. Either way, Triumph hasn't been answering my emails for the last year or so, dunno what's happening there.
  17. They're just keeping you keen.
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  18. Seen 'em both before and just re-watched for completeness.......
    Love your work.....
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  19. Well, if you worked for MCN you would have had a few long termers already. And you would have had to ALWAYS rate the Triumph as the best. (have they ever not rated one as best?)
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  20. #20 Degato, Apr 15, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2016
    So , In your opinion , does the speedy feel physically taller, bigger than the street?, I always had it in my head that the Speedy would fit me better than the street, but sittin' on them both the other day at the Trumpy dealer there didnt seem to be much in it. I said before im 6'3" but I got freaky long legs.
    When I say there didnt seem to be much in it, I could feel that the Street was lighter, but it didnt really feel any shorter ( if that makes sense!!)
    Possibly one of the problems Ive got is that Im coming off a Cruiser, Trumpy America, so it's a radically different seating position. They all feel weird!!

    I also saw the new XSR900, retro MT09. That seemed to fit me well, but from what Ive heard the suspension probs are still there,.... and its not that far off the price of a street.
    Ive yet to read anything bad about a street, and I could see the quality of the finish was a step above the MT09.

    I know you guys are thinkin', just take em' for a ride. Not an option in Bendigo.

    Might have to make the trip down to Melbourne.