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MT09 Tyre Reccomendations?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by MT09josh, Feb 13, 2015.

  1. Hi, hope I've put this in the right spot.

    Anyway, I'm after peoples thoughts on a new set of Tyres for my MT09.
    The bike's done just under 5000k and the stock Dunlops have been ok, they felt ok, wore ok. The rear only has about 500kms left in it I reckon. The Front is hardly worn at all. I think this bike will always be heavy-ish on rear tyre wear due to it being torquey and maybe due to how the bike bogs down under hard acceleration (suspension). Maybe be also the way I ride and the type of riding I do.
    So id say of the 5000ks it has done it has been about 70% commuting. But now I have a work vehicle it doesn't do much commuting anymore. Now it will be ridden mostly on weekends, with a bit of twisty stuff and a bit of light touring and the occasional ride to the shops to get milk.
    I'm not sure to go something stickier or more of a touring tyre? The bike will probably only do 5-8k per year so I'm not too phased if a set of tyres only lasts that distance. But if there is a decent feeling touring tyre that does last longer, Id look at that too.(I don't *really* need super super sticky soft tyres, I'm not Casey Stoner)
    I was thinking Pirelli Angel GT's, but not sure if they will suit the bike? maybe just go the old diablo rosso II?

    Hope all that makes sense, tryed to give enough info.
    Any other MT09 owners out there who have changed tryes, if so what did you get and how are they going?
  2. Michelin Pilot Road 4's ? Got em on mine and love em. Sticky, Supposedly pretty long lasting. Bruce from MMMTSMMMTS has em on his bike, so that's about the best endorsement you can get. Disclaimer: I know sweet FA about tyres.
  3. You want DRCs ;)
  4. You reckon? i was worried they might be a bit too soft considering I will be doing a bit of light touring?
  5. I have PR3s on my MT09 now and I love em. I got about 8000 out of the dunlops.

    Most of my riding is twisties 2nd/3rd gear. I went through a set of PR3s on my last bike too and they're the best tyres I've ever owned.
  6. Depends what touring is for you.
    Straight line riding, then go for PRs then.

    But you'll love them in twisties.
    Any tour has twisties, right?
  7. Yeah for sure. As long as I get 5k or thereabouts out of them I'll be happy.
    When I say light touring I mean days where I'll ride 500k that's not all twisty.
    I won't be just riding twisty roads is what I mean.
  8. Dont have an MT09 but Ive had a set of Michelin Pilot Power 3 on my Z1000 and I really like them. Ive done about 8000km on them including a 3 day Oxley Hwy tour and a shed load of 300 - 500 km days. They should also be good for the occasional track day as well. The rear is at the indicator now so due to be changed but im very happy with the kays i got out of it considering the stress the Zed puts on the rear under acceleration.
  9. Man I did a lot of commuting on the dunlops, they've worn out In the middle heaps quicker,as expected. Getting 8k out of them is a good effort. You must have mostly been on bends. I think A lot of harsh acceleration in a straight line, like when taking off from lights etc whilst commuting wore mine out quick.
    What about PR4's? They'd be better again wouldn't they?
  10. Yeah that seems really good for that bike and the type of riding you did on a sportier tyre.
  11. I dunno, wrote off my last bike after about 1000kms on PR4s, so they don't have good memories for me :wacky:
  12. I run the Rosso II's on my street triple and they are a good compromise. Maybe a bit skittish in winter but good at the moment. If I was doing more touring I'd go the Angel GT's, and might anyway next time as they have good reviews (and I had the older version on my last bike and liked them then)
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  13. I would recommend the the Angel GT's for a really good tyre with great wet and dry characteristics that will perform regardless what you throw at them as well as giving excellent life for commuting.

    Having said that pretty much any ROAD tyre you stick on it will be perfectly fine.

    From what you have said I reckon you could expect to see 10,000km or more from a set of GT's.
  14. Was hoping you'd reply. Read ur review of the angel Gt's In another thread. I think they would last great on the mt09. I'm almost sold on them considering the Kay's I know I'll get out of them and how they reportedly handle well still. But I'm tempted to go something sportier because I don't do big k's anyway. I'll decide soon.
    What's on your mt09 now?
  15. The MT09 has the OEM Dunlops on it at the moment. I don't commute so i get very even tyre wear front to back. I will probably go with Rosso II's as I like the sportier profile for faster turning and I am not fussed if I get 2-3,000km's from them.

    If I was touring (long distances) or commuting though it would be GTs.
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  16. Hard to predict exactly what I'm gonna do on the bike. I might decide to go away for a few days and do a couple thousand k's. But I might not. Haha. Ah anyway I'll have to come up with something soon!
  17. That is where the GT's shine they are after all a sport/touring tyre, it's dual compound tyre with harder strip of rubber around the centre and softer rubber on the shoulders for a good compromise.
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  18. Ill be watching this thread carefully. Mine came stock with Bridgstone Battlax S20 fitted.
    Strangely enough, while typing this message my wife just asked me to move my bike so I left the computer and went outside to park it in the garage. As I accelerated slowly enough on the wet grass my bike almost did a complete unintentional donut and I dropped it on its side. I quickly picked up the bike and looked over it - no marks or problems "PHEW".
    So if anyone is after slippery wet grass type tyres Bridgstone Battlax S20 are not the ones to look for.

    (lucky no - one saw me do that):wacky:

  19. BT023's on my Speed Triple for weekend blats..... very happy
  20. They seem more like the type of tyre I would get when these S20s wear out. The S20s are not really designed for wet weather much, I think. They haven't slipped on the road even in the wet but I am really cautious especially when cornering.
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