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MT07 - Modify or Upgrade

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by The_R00, Nov 6, 2015.

  1. Hi,

    I wanted to start this thread to help anyone +myself contemplating either moding the bike or upgrading once on there "R" class licence.

    From what Ive read there is quite a few things you can do with this bike but when you add it up, it can get a bit pricey. The following are some popular mods and ball park pricing.

    Exhaust - $900-$1200
    DNA Filter - $300 - $500 (From DNA filters over in Europe)
    Modified Throttle Plate - $0 - $120 (Self mod or fabricate new plate)
    ECU Re-mapping - $500 (ECUWEST)

    All mods above are aimed at increased power output, were Ive read you could go from Stock 45Hp to 65Hp. My first question is with all this extra power will I need to upgrade suspension? There's another $1000 gone.

    If you know where to get any of these parts at great prices pls recommend.

    Second question, Since this is a LAMS bike is the quality of the parts on the bike inferior to some of the unrestricted bikes. This question my show my ignorance regarding bikes but this is something I will consider when making my decision to sell and upgrade or keep and mod.

    The bike Im looking at as my next bike is the Suzuki GSX-S1000.
  2. You'll only need to upgrade the suspension if you also add 50 Kg plus of adipose tissue.

    Considering the good resale on LAMS bikes, I'd be inclined to think that changing the bike might be a better option, It won't be an expensive to buy a bike around 65-75 hp and upgrade it to 90 or so.

    Formerly LAMS bike that have been modified to where they are outside the rules are often worth less than the LAMS bike was in the first place.

    Just get the larger bike outright. Be careful. It may take a long time to "catch up" with the capabilities of the much more powerful bike.

    To me, it sounds like a sensible thing to go large and save all the trouble and expense.
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  3. NEVER get into modifying anything says an absolute serial modifier. You spend way more than you ever get back in time with a bike waiting for bits and money.Its a disease that smart people avoid like the plague . Now where is that email address of the bloke in Scotland who does those cams.
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  4. LOL...
    Thanks jstava I was thinking alone the same line but I do love the sound that the MT07 has with a aftermarket pipe.

    Still if anyone has purchased parts for there bike and would like to share who the vender was and how much, i'm sure it would help those who still choose make some improvements.

    Cheers fellas
  5. Personally I'd go for the resale and look into another bike. Coming from a guy who's just bought a street triple 660, its never worth upgrading anything other than visuals and exhaust (even exhaust can be problematic) on a lams bike as the only thing it may help with is how quick the bike sells and not for how much. Your never going to get the money back you spend on parts for a lams especially as majority of the people Lams targets are younger people like myself (18 ) and we young people don't have a whole lotta dosh to spend and they'll end up trying to get you down to some absurdly low number.

    Feel like I'm ranting now but yeah, Look on bikesales at the number of bikes you could get for 8-9k (thats around what a stock mt07 should go for). Sometimes i sit on bikesales and drool over the 2013 636's or cbr1000rr going for 5k less than what i spend on my bike that makes 1/4 of the power. Everyone loves their first bike (put 1300km on so far within my first month) but yeah once you start seeing all those shiny 600's or 1000's whether thats adventurers, Super sports or just a commuter, Your gonna put that mt07 on bikesales quick.

    But Its your choice, if the mt07 is more than enough and you still love everything about it then by no means do you have to upgrade but yeah for the same price you can get a lot better bang for your buck.

    Hope this helps.
    Im here jealous with 2.5 years left on restrictions :(
  6. If you want power - Upgrade to a bigger bike.

    You are kidding yourself paying thousands to get 45-65hp, a similar priced non LAMS bike will offer twice the power straight off.
    Its like modding up Ninja 300's - the little hamster inside can only run so fast...it was never designed or will be a fast bike.

    Lams bikes hold their value very well and the mt07 is in high demand, the second you mod it the value drops and you open up a can of worms with cops and the insurance companies.
  7. Its funny cause I called the insurance company today to enquire about putting a Akrapovic exhaust on and how that would affect my policy. In the end it seemed like I was informing them that the LAMS scheme doesn't allow the modification.... hopeless and the end result they said if my licence was restricted I could not put the exhaust on. Still doesn't sound right.

    Ill be smart, save extra cash then sell and upgrade when I can.
  8. You are modifying the power:weight ratio of the bike, this makes it no longer LAMS approved and you are riding a bike outside of your class.

    Power: Engine may generate more power
    Weight: Stock exhausts are heavy, aftermarkets tend not to be.
    Cops: No compliance badge, may be louder then 90db etc, defect notice issued.
  9. I would sell it.

    As for suspension mods not being worthwhile, I disagree. Most OEM bike suspension is built to a price and they can be improved greatly.

    They really are the best bang for buck mod if you want to go fast.

    A well sorted suspension is the shizz, but people would rather spend their dosh on a couple of more HP.
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  10. Thanks for the tips,

    I think I will look at the doing the akrapovic exhaust and keep the stock pipe, for when I sell the bike. Then Ill change it back and maybe try to sell the exhaust at half price (or less) with it. Thant way it's not all dead money.
  11. From what i heard and researched about the akra system on the Mt07 is that yes it may disrupt the power to weight but the police are going to have to be very behind their quota in order for them to fine you for it. When i was about to buy myself a mt07 i had the akra as an extra and everyone in the shop (bike biz) told me it would be fine. Obviously all they want to do is sell the bike and take your money but its a common answer I've heard from most. The system is what, like $1200. it might at best add an extra $400 to the buying price. so just take that into consideration :p