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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by stromm, Jan 9, 2010.

  1. G'day,
    I'm looking for gearsack and panniers for my MT01. I intend to travel from Perth to the October MotoGP at the island.Anyone know if such a thing exists for the MT01, thanks.

  2. welcome to the boards mate
  3. Thought you must have a Vstrom there but then read your post :LOL: .

    Suggest you think about whether you want hard or soft luggage. Hard luggage like Givi panniers are very good but sometimes look out of place to my eye, but soft ones such as Oxford do not give the same level of weather etc protection. Personally I've kept with hard luggage but its a personal choice.

    Welcome to NR. Cheers
  4. I've seen some Andy Strapz stuff put on a bun of inappropriate bikes.
  5. Gday ozyoda, yep thought about getting a Vstrom just to match my name but not my style of bike at the moment. Thanks for your info and agree hard is probably the way to go. Not sure about the framework needed to accomadate hard panniers though,the exhausts on the MT01 might prove to be the sticking point.Cheers
  6. gday goz, thanks for the welcome,finding it a bit awkward learning the system but judging from the forums I'm not alone. keep well mate
  7. thanks quarter wit, sometimes you have to flop with the mop, cheers