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MT White Crash

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Komunista, May 19, 2007.

  1. I had a crash today at Mt white. It happend on the way back. On the way there i was having a great day loved the twisties as it was my first time doing it. Everything was going fine. I wasnt pushing hard. i was just going at my own pace.

    I was coming up to right twistie and as i leaned in my arse end of the bike kind of slipped out as i slipped on gravill. When this happend i tried to bring the bike up again but it just kept slipping and i was sliding towards some trees. I kind of jumped off/pushed myself off and done a forward roll and straight after the roll i just kind of slapped the road pretty hard flat on my face. I got up pretty fast and was shocked at what just happend. All i could think of was my Bike. it was in a ditch and was stopped by a tree. I checked my body and nothing hurt. Then the guy who was behind me (sweeper) stopped and helped me. The bike wouldnt start.

    There was about 20 riders on this ride. I was at the back as im a newbie. They sent a search party after me and when they arrived we got the bike started. The forks are twisted so i kind of had to steer right just to go straight. Also my bike wouldnt go over 80kms for some reason.

    All and All the lessons i learnt was NEWBIES REALLY WATCH OUT FOR GRAVIL. And also if i had an open face helmet my face would have been messed up. I was just very lucky to get out of that one with nothing more than alot of deep bruising. RIDING GEAR always buy the best as they are worth every penny. My right shoulder is really bruised and if it wasnt for my jacket i think i wud have broken it. My feet are brusied and swollen and if it wasnt for my boots they wud be broken. My jeans really protected suprisingly as they are not riding jeans... just plain old jeans...

    My bike is pretty much stuffed but i have full cover insurance. Now hopefully i get a brand new bike and also i will definately get FULL LEATHERS.

    Now i really understand first hand how good bike gear is. im going to wear it anytime i get on a bike.

    Funny thing is i wasnt really in shock as i rode all the way home from MT white to liverpool. Im actually kind of happy it happend as i learnt alot from this. I cant wait to get my next bike :)
  2. Whoa. I was up there today with ezer. Shame about the crash, at least you learnt a good lesson from it. Whereabouts did it happen?
  3. Glad to hear that you're OK, the bike can always be repaired.
  4. ouch! not good. at least your ok.

    where was your line? what was your speed?

    mt white? the old road? is it a two lane? haven't been up there so i'm not familiar.

    don't want to sound like a tosser but are you sure it was gravel or were you riding alittle over your head?
  5. It definately was gravel. its in the section that is currently being fixed. Im certain if i had more experience i wud have pulled out of it ok. Its my lack lack of experience to not identify and adjust to that road accordingly. Like i said on the way there everything was good. Even the "sweeper" who was behind me who has been riding for a while said i am riding alot better since the last time he saw me ride. Im very comfortable on the my VTR and im wayyy too chicken shit to take it fast. I was going around that corner which is a 60km corner at 50km so no i was not going too hard. Just bad luck for me. I am not interested in showing off on my bike or going hard.. which is why i ride at the back of the group ALWAYS.
    On the way there i must say i was having the best ride of my Short riding history. I was taking cornres nice and follwing the exact lines of the more experienced riders. On the way back i was just bad luck. Im happy it happend in a way... Im sure i will come off again.. not that i want to. But i learned alot from this so its all good
  6. cheers for explaining.

    where were you located within the lane?

    left, middle, right(towards centre lane)?
  7. your riding a vtr 250?
  8. 1:Yes i ride an 07 VTR250

    2: it was a right turn and i was towards the left leaning into the turn when it happend. basically i was at the Apex of the turn.
  9. dump the vtr and get a gpx. it'll be better if u want twisties
  10. Glad to hear you are ok, otherwise Brisbane water HWP would have another statistic and another reason to crack down even harder.

    Just for your info, if the gravel was the result of recent roadwork, and was left lying in the lane traffic would be using then you have a claim against the local council or the RTA and or their contractors.

    When road repairs are carried out, the road must be left free of debris, and must be level ie:no pothole or rising bump, steel plates must have an anti-slip coating attached etc.

    Even though you are insured, you should provide the details to the insurer and blame the RTA or Council for allowing the gravel to be there, that way the insurer can claim on the liability insurance of those responsible, and give them a hip pocket education. Then next time they may do their jobs correctly and clean up, so another rider doesn't come unstuck through someone elses lazy attitude to their work.
  11. I thought of taking some action against the council as it was definately debri left by the council workers. Even some of the other riders commented on the road before i had the accident and said that some parts have alot of debri.

    i will advise my insurance company but i doubt anything will come of it.

    Thanks for the advice :)
  12. http://www.roadsafety.mccofnsw.org.au/a/23.html

  13. I know the areas that are being resurfaced, and I do old road semi regularly so I know to take it easy (mainly because I dont want the gravel smacking up my fairing :D) where the road works are.

    You are right, if you had more experience/happened to have read, digested, and been able to react quickly enough to make use of the info regarding what you do if the rear slides out, you would have been in a better spot to work with. For future reference if your back slides out the last thing you should do is throttle off, you actually want to hold steady throttle or throttle on more. Obviously thats against your reactions, but if remind yourself alot of it, might sink in.

    Have you ridden a vtr? I very much doubt it. I know from experience (wheres dom lol) that vtrs can go harder than my zzr, without even going into anything other than that we have centrestands, vtr doesn't, and has more ground clearance. Not to mention that gpx has smaller wheels yeah? And vtr is naked so if you stack it in twisties, better position than if you had a fairing.

    Here ends my defense of the mighty vtr :D

    Instead, I'd say dump the 2 months experience and get some more. It'll be better for twisties

  14. Shame to hear about this mate. Hope everything works out and your back out on two weeks soon enough. Kinda shocks me to hear bout there being gravel on the road, if i'd have ben up there i woulda been screwed too i guess. At least you had plenty of good guys to help you out when it happened.

    I've heard of many people on gpx's and zzr's jumping on cbr's zxr's or fzr's and saying their sports tourers don't even compare to sports bikes in the corners so i don't know what your talkin bout.

    If it is repairable in any way, give me a call mate and i may be able to help you out. Otherwise, get another vtr, you sound like you love your bike and you love the v twins. The only other bike i'd be considering if i were you would be a mini upgrade to a hyonsung gt650r for a bit more power.

    Hope all is better soon

  15. Lol, you wrote this while i was typing my post, good point. I struggle to keep up with dom on my cbr :LOL: . It's all about the rider, lol.
  16. CRAP A brand new VTR250 hey? Sounds like you had a high side? They are one of the worst type of crashes as the bike flicks you off and you land hard on the road. Thank goodness you were wearing proper gear as you said you could have ended up in hospital. Open face helmets = mangled face! Bad luck, there is not much you can do when you are committed to a corner and you find unexpected gravel along your path.
  17. Forgot to mention

    Thats the spirit, good on ya mate! :grin:
  18. bad luck with the off, good to see you got back on and finished the trip

    just a tip for future reference, as phizog said constantly steady throttle, but to get the bike to stand back up push on the opposite bar, thne get on then steadily apply the rear brake whilst still on the throttle, this will also help the bike stand upright again and allow you to regain control alot quicker
  19. hey guys thanks for all the advise :)

    Also PAUL thanks dude for your concern. How come u didnt come on the ride ???
  20. buy a litre bike so you can go fast in a straight line man.