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Mt Sabine Rd (Otways) sealed all the way?

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by Garido, Sep 22, 2012.

  1. Has anyone been on the Mt Sabine Rd from Tanybryn to Beech Forest lately? Google maps' streetview gives the impression the whole street - while narrow - is now fully sealed all the way. Can anyone confirm/correct?

  2. It's extremely narrow, has a 40km/h speed limit and sealed from the Winchelsea - Lorne Rd to Beech Forest and has been for several years now.

    Last time I tried to use it there was a big arsed tree blocking it near the Beech Forest end and it tends to get covered in leve, bark and other crap post any storms.
  3. Can't confirm it's sealed all the way, but the section from Binns Road (Aire Valley) to Beech Forest is sealed there wasn't much crap either. Also no narrower that the road near Johanna - see pic from yesterday.
  4. Thanks pvda and HB. Binns to Beech Forest is the wider part of the road. It does get quite narrow just after Lardners Track turn off heading East according to Google Streetview.
  5. I don't think any of it is sealed. If it's the Mt Sabine road that runs from the top of the hill on the Deans Marsh-Lorne road through to Sunyside road you're talking about. It's been a year or two since I was down that way on my dirt bike, but I haven't noticed any new work being done when I've been down round there on my road bike.
  6. The bit from Sunnyside to Wye River was unsealed 12 months ago when I was there is a cage. I figured Garido was looking at turning North at Skenes Creek since he mentioned Tanybryn.
  7. Oops.

    Better clarify my earlier post as I got my Lorne & Appollo Bay's mixed up.

    The "Tanybryn - Beech Forest" section is what I was talking about and is sealed, the Tanybryn - Lorne-Deans Marsh Rd is not.

    Also from personal experience when heading west from the "Lorne end" on the gravel section when you come to a fork in the road go right, if you go left you pass the fire watch tower and get gets narrower and muddier and turns into a 4x4 only goat track. Luckily I was in a 4x4 at the time and was able to christen what was then a brand new company Nissan Patrol :)
  8. I use http://www.street-directory.com.au/ (Digital Melway) instead of google maps, as it shows unsealed roads in dotted lines when zoomed out, or (unsealed) when zoomed in.

    For Mt Sabine, shows a section of unsealed East of Beech Forest.

    I find it mostly accurate, except for Gembrook-Launching Place Rd.
    I'm sure there are other mistakes in there as well.
  9. This is the road I'm talking about (you're right H8): https://maps.google.com.au/maps?saddr=Tanybryn,+Victoria&daddr=Beech+Forest,+Victoria&hl=en&sll=-37.860283,145.079616&sspn=1.522249,2.861938&geocode=FS4rsv0dkNaQCCkhtDOaTkDTajGQzaAwpHkFBA%3BFd5ysv0dG7WOCClJNhWMEz3TajHQv6AwpHkFBA&oq=Beech+f&mra=ls&t=m&z=13

    I think it is sealed all the way now.

  10. Don't think I've been on that particular section, I've done a right coming up from Skene's Creek but don't recall doing a left.

    When I do my solo rides it's more a case of going where I feel like at the time, with just a general plan of final destination.

    When do you plan on going on this ride? I could always just go for a cruise and check it out if you want. It's not far for me to go.
  11. Possibly on Sat, 27 October now. Was originally planned as our 2nd warm up ride for the Nov Group last Sat, but weather put a big X through that one. BTW, we had a good time doing the back country on Sun though.

    Also, are you coming along for the pub night Tue week? You and Spenze seem to be the only ones that haven't confirmed yet. :D
  12. Could possibly be able to do it this Sunday after the Pink Ribbon ride down here, will probably finish up with that by 3pm and with Daylight Savings starting this weekend, I should get it done in daylight. If not will head back via hwy.

    Since Spenze isn't going, then yeah I'm going. :rofl:

    Sent Ned a PM to add me to the list
  13. Great x 2. Great if you can check it out (but don't get caught in the dark, or if you're too tired). Also great that you can make it to the dinner.

    Has Spenze got a bit of a reputation there? :)
  14. The Pink Ribbon ride will be lucky to be 100kms from Geelong and return. It will be at a leisurely pace so not a issue of long time in the saddle. The Eden trip was 1500 for me in 3 days with the last day being 650 of that. It's just the roads I normally come home don't have any street lighting and if there's too much cloud cover it can be a bit dark.

    What happens on the ride stays on the ride. Besides, not one to talk about somebody when they aren't there to defend themselves.
  15. That's Turtons track. Or it used to be. I see they now call it Turtons road. And yes, it is now all sealed. Very narrow, & tight. You certainly don't want to be in any sort of rush to get through there.
  16. Fair enough. Like it that way too! =D>
  17. [​IMG]

    Garido, here's a pic from earlier today. Roarin is spot on with saying you don't want to be rushed going through here. About 5kms from Beech Forrest there is a 40km limit speed sign, not an advisory sign. I never saw another speed limit sign for the 12kms of twisty stuff. There were 4 hairpins that had 20kmph advisory signs. 2 of these you could not see more than 2 bikes lengths all the way around.

    It is very narrow, there was one of the wider spots where 2 cars past coming in opposite directions, their mirrors were very close and they both had their outside wheels off the road. There was also a sign indicating log trucks used this road as well as a warning sign on the Skenes Creek side telling coaches etc not to take the road.

    There wasn't much traffic, admittedly though it was showers on and off down here all morning. I wouldn't call the road learner friendly by any stretch. That's not to say a learner couldn't do it, but I wouldn't want to have someone close enough to me to be able to see them in the mirror. In the real twisty part that would have been no more than 4-5 bike lengths. Came across 2 branches across the road as well as lots of fronds from the tree ferns.

    By the way Beech Forrest Hotel is currently up for sale, and doesn't look like it could handle too many diners, so would suggest you ring and let them know you are coming.

    If you want a more learner friendly route back from Apollo Bay, I would suggest turn off at Skenes Creek, then through Deans Marsh. You could then either go back via Lorne or through Forrest (yep it's juts called Forrest) on the Cape Otway Road.

    I took more photos and have labelled the roads so you have an idea of where they were taken.