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Mt Nebo - Qld, For Noobs Or Not For Noobs?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Samboss260, Nov 12, 2012.

  1. Mods, if this is in the wrong place, please move or let me know, as I don't think it fits anywhere else.

    So, those of you familiar with Mt Nebo run, coming from The Gap up to the first cafe. How would you rate it, for noobs or not for noobs?

    I did it for the first time on the weekend and thought it was a little tricky...

  2. It's a public road. It should only be "tricky" if you make it that way.

    What do you think people who live on roads like that do when they buy a motorcycle, camp out at the bottom of the hill for weeks until they're skilled enough to go home? :p :LOL:
  3. I ride slower through there than most other roads. There's some very sharp corners, if you aren't aware they are coming up it can take you by surprise, even if you know the corners, they are still tricky, for me, anyway. The first ride I ever did after getting my licence was coming up through Samford, and over Mt Glorious out to the t-junction, and back. It was early one week day morning so no traffic and so I was able to take it nice and slowly. I find Nebo is still harder than Glorious though. Just ride your own ride and don't worry about the faster bikes that always come from behind, I just let them go and everyone's happy.
  4. I get that it's a public road and all that.

    What I was trying to gauge was from a noob perspective, how challenging is it and how "tricky".

    I tackled it fo rthe first time and the were quite a few sections that really got my "SR's" flashing like a disco. Personally, I need a bit more work before tackling that run comfortably again.
  5. Yeah but you shouldn't be trying to classify roads as being tricky or not tricky. What you should be questioning is what is it about your riding that made the road seem challenging - ie were you positioning yourself correctly to see through corners or avoid the inevitable 4wds crossing the centreline, were you in the right gear, were you braking correctly etc, etc.

    I've known (and mentored) learners who've taken to windy roads quite quickly - but then struggled with dead flat and straight highways because the crosswinds and gusts from passing trucks freaked them out. Others have trouble with multi-lane city highways (one of the biggest problems I had when I first started). That doesn't mean these roads are tricky, just that there was something wrong about they way they were riding that was making it more difficult for them than it should have been.

    This is why you should try and get out on a group ride and either watch the bikes in front of you or, if you can't keep up, ask the TEC that was behind you for advice on what you're doing wrong and/or could be doing better.
  6. sr's? ride to your ability - not what a book/movie told you.

    apart from that jd's covered everything else above.

    failing the idea of group rides? use trial and error :] gotta learn somehow
  7. Sorry I asked .... I would have liked some feedback from people who knew this route, particularly other new-ish riders out there and what they thought.

    Never mind.
  8. I'm not really sure how a bunch of other noobs saying "yes that mean nasty road scares me too", or a bunch of experienced riders bragging about how fast they can ride it, would help.

    FWIW I'd rate it very low in terms of difficulty. But then I learned to ride on very similar roads, only with black ice frequently hiding in the shadows.
  9. If you ride according to your abilities no road is tricky.
  10. Hey Sam....I've done mt glorious several times now, as well as other Mountains....so coming from a noob perspective....the first time was slow and comfortable....so as not to be surprised....just remember what Peter says about new unfamiliar roads --"u don't post your fastest time"......the mountains will get easier.....glorious, nebo, mee, tamborine, etc.....as long as you keep to your techniques, you should be fine....providing you remember and keep to them......i kept it basic.....spot the corner, set up braking/gear, entry point, exit point.....apexing and looking through.....the thing about mountains is...they might have different names but once you have your shit together.....u just keep repeating the same shit u use for every mountain, it will have some variations, but u do more or less the same shit.......

    I find going up from the gap ok and not as "tricky" or maybe challenging is more appropriate.....going down all the way to the bottom was a bit more of a challenge....but once again, just do your shit and keep to it and u should be fine.....if you don't know ur shit or know it but choose to "experiment".....then it can quickly fcuk up on you.....my mate did this.....and came off as we were riding down from the cafe.....he failed to keep to his basics......

    Hopefully this helps as it's coming from a noob...lol...

    The other thing that u might consider doing is riding it with someone who knows their shit....and just follow his line....
  11. Hi Sam

    I wasn't long ago that I rode that road for the first time. There are some unexpected corners there, but I was taking it pretty easy so only mild panic. One of the things about the area which is perhaps more dangerous is that the advisory signs for corners are not consistent. On the eastern side the advisory signs are probably much slower than really necessary, but on the Western side of the mountain you would do well to pay attention to the corner speed signs, at least until you know the road better.

    In general, I think it's a reasonable road for noobs, good surface and generally free of potholes and grave (though look out for leaf litter). Good to go in a group of slightly more experienced people, though, both so that there's someone nearby if something goes wrong, and so that you can learn from their line and pace.
  12. I went up there with my best mate 4 days after he got his licence (I'd been 2 months overseas on the wrong side of the road, and not even driving, so I was well rusty too!) He did fine, just go up with a mate, and do not get sucked in by cars, or frustrated by slow ones. Most know to pull over for bikes (unfortunately not normally other cars...), and will when they feel it safe. Run your own race.

    There are a HEAP of lookouts and stuff along the way. I find the trick is, pull over at everyone of them. Think about what you just did, what you think you did wrong, what you did well, then do the next section. Just take it in bites. Stop at the first cafe, the one that says worlds best scones. They are. This way you take it in bits. If you do the whole thing in one non stop hit, it will be hard. And you can find which is a good spot to take your date on a picnic (also good excuse to go for a ride if you ever need it). There are a couple of spots that can have gravel after rain, but you'll learn them very quickly.

    Tambo however, that is just far too bumpy in my personal opinion, and coming up via Canungra I probably wouldnt tackle for a bit.

    As said above, it is what you make it.