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Mt Mee north of Brisbane now hazardous to your license

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by teef, Nov 22, 2015.

  1. I was completely devastated yesterday to learn that the speed limit has changed on the twisties at the Northern end of Mt Mee. This section of road was resurfaced a couple of years ago and as well as being tight and challenging it had a brilliant surface.

    Sadly it appears going down the hill the limit has been reduced from 100kph to 60kph. If you did what you used to do without noticing you could be 40kph over the limit which is expensive.

    I only went downhill but I was advised by a fellow rider that the uphill limit remains at 1ookph. If this is true I'm thinking seriously??????
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  2. Having seen another post regarding how the rider felt they could corner better going up hill rather than down maybe they figure everyone has the same issue. The problem is not riding to your ability I know I too have a deficiency cornering downhill so I just take it slower. As I get better I suppose I will increase my speed and the find the imposed speed reduction a pain. But some peeps may need regulation to save their bacon. Always a difficult one.
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  3. Yeah it was 60 heading back to. Absolutely ridiculous in places.
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  4. Once again revenue over common sense.
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  5. Damn shame, such a nice piece of road
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  6. Damn shame that so many riders insisted that their ambitions were greater than their talent ...
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