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QLD Mt Mee Gravel on best corner

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by CaffeineMonster, Mar 30, 2016.

  1. Note to anyone planning on doing Mt. Mee. Came across huge pile of gravel all across one of the best left hand corners as you ascend Mt Mee from the Woodford direction. Very hard to see until you're on top of it in the corner so take care.

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  2. Five seconds vision.
  3. that's about 5 km/h on this corner.
  4. If that's what it takes ...

    although I doubt you would need to go that slow.
  5. Is that the tight one between Monkeybong Lane and Delaney Creek?
  6. Not sure about those roads, but as is on the really good section as go up Mt Mee toward the lookout from the Woodford (north) side. There is a road turn off at the top and one at bottom where I turn around so can go back and forth, but I never took note of there names
  7. It did look pretty sketchy, just glad I spotted it before it was too late...... I've learnt the hard way that insurance repairs take waaaaaaaay to long!
  8. So this road hazard has been reported to authorities?

    or cleaned up by volunteers?
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  9. thank you for heads up champion!!
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  10. Hope it's been cleaned up as thinking of taking a run over there today sometime!
  11. went over Mee today and it has been cleaned up!
  12. Fractalz must have reported it or gone and cleaned it up! :sneaky::smug:

    I come across loose crap on roads every weekend. Today it was Obi Obi Rd.
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