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Mt Macedon Cross hill climb run

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by nightgash, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. I enjoy this little twisty and bendy road. It has some very nice corners and has very nice scenery.


    The route starts at the top left hand corner on the Mount Macedon RD and works its way around until you get to Camerons Drive. Take the turn off and continue all the way to the end. There are lots of elevation changes with tight hairpins and nice longer faster corners on Camerons Drive.
  2. One of my favorite roads, luckily just up the road from my parents in Macedon! :grin:
  3. Hi pete have you been on the Black Spur? If so how would this road compare to the Black Spur?
  4. Ah, yes remember it well!
    you see that sharp left hander about 2/3rds of the way up? Get that one wrong and you really can find out what it's like to fly like a bird... at least fo a little while :wink:
    (Way shorter and narrower than the Spur)
  5. There isn't much margin for error either. On the Mt Macedon Road if you go off the side, you either smack into a tree or take a tumble over the side of the mountain which is in some cases a very sharp drop.
  6. Yep, I did this road a couple of weeks back, up to the lookout / cross thing only to discover that it was closed for repairs :evil: A couple of nice hairpins on that road too. I rode up one side from Gisborne and then down the otherside and out through to Daylesford. Nice ride. :)
  7. Its funny how a female rider I work with told me I would kill myself doing that road after only just starting to ride on the road. It all started when she said she would go for a ride with me and I told her we could go up to the Cross and she had a shocked look on her face.

    If the Black Spur is longer and more challenging I can't wait!
  8. thx for the map. seems to offer plenty of view (saw lake and rivers). also try marysville to warburton via lake mountain (i think this one is called reefton) if your going to blackspur. it is a slight downhill narrow road. more corners than blackspur and corners approx. every few metres :grin:
  9. Different to the Black Spur, probably more technical and a hell of a lot shorter. Love it to be longer.

    Spent a lot of time up there in my younger days hooning around in my Commodore. Much more fun on a bike.

    The road up is not too bad but the fun starts when you turn into Cameron drive.

    While you're up there, as well as visiting the Memorial Cross, take a walk up to the Camels hump, worth the short walk (15 Mins) Great views.

    The road down the other side to Woodend is not bad either, but watch out for those hairpins!