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[Mt Druitt] Dear Learner rider, you could have been a statistic today

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by MadAzz300, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. Dear Learner Rider,

    I thought you were going to die this morning, or at least get seriously hurt.

    You came down the left turn lane on Carlisle Ave in Mt Druitt and proceeded to cut in to go straight. You did this in the middle of the intersection - what the hell were you thinking??? Were you trying to filter?? Epic fail.

    Then you went into the left lane, and at the roundabout you turned right.. This would have worked out for you if the lane didn't immediately stop on the other side and you were going fast enough to get in front of us.. Didn't you wonder why everyone stayed to the right? Did you even think at all?

    Why did you ride beside the van on a one lane road? Yes, it was only for a minute but dude!! All it took was for that van to swerve and you would have been flying over the armco..or worse..you could have been killed!

    You get to the next roundabout and turn left. This would have been great, except you ..err..filtered<?> and turned left with a car beside you on the right... What part of one lane road do you not get??? Just because you're on a bike it doesnt make you special - follow the road rules mate!

    Lucky the cagers around you let you in or you would have ended up in the bushes.

    We travel up the road a bit, which turns into 2 lanes... One lane to go straight (where you and I were riding) and one lane to turn right onto the M4.

    I tried to catch up to you thinking if I caught you at the next lights I'd have a word. But no, that wasn't meant to be. I saw your right indicator come on. I was starting to become scared for you, and scared for the people around you - and then..you did it... Something I thought I'd never see - you turned right from the left lane beside the traffic -BESIDE the traffic!!??!!

    I turned away..I couldn't watch.. But I hope you made it around and to your destination..

    I did have my camera on, and I will probably post some stills from it when I get home, in hope that you are reading this and can see how dangerous you are to yourself and every other road user out there.

    We're only here once mate - learn to ride safe or get off the road.
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  2. Get back to work :p you would've had kittens seeing ..someone doing 110 on mulga road weaving thru light traffic yesterday ....dude sounds like a dick but he may well have had shit under control in his eyes(failing that - his luck won't last forever and we will be down one bad? rider for the beige to whinge about)...I'll get ya to drag the footage along next time ya pop over bud so I can have a watch
  3. I am workin ;)

    I'll show you the vision when I get my butt in gear and get over there this week. He didn't look in control to me at all tho.. Hence the reason I wrote this...

    And I wouldn't know the 110 weaver.... would I? :eek:
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    Do not post original pictures or video of any rider doing anything illegal or dumb on a motorcycle on netrider!!!!!!! Media have picked up on riders behaving badly on netrider before and people have been charged.

    Also, as a friendly warning, threads devoted to bad rider behaviour do not usually go down too well here so be prepared for a shit fight with this one or lock it if you can't be bothered arguing with strangers on the internet.
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  5. Its a learner... they all do that. That is why they have those plates and you are supposed to give them space.

    It sounds like it would be only a problem if everyone else didnt give them space. Rather than criticising the rider why dont you take the opportunity to remind people of this. The rider is learning and just stuffed up rather than deliberately doing it so your post is useless, or downright dangerous.

    Oh and dont be a retard and post video or stills.
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  6. I'm a learner and I don't ride like that. If you ride thinking you're L plate protects you, then you're first in line for the Darwin Award.. I know it doesn't mean shit to most people on the road.

    'Ride like everyone is out to kill you' has been said over and over on this forum. Why then? If suddenly everyone is conscious of the big yellow L?

    Just look at how people tailgate learner drivers/riders to push them to go faster, or cut them off etc etc

    Anyway, at the end of the day I know exactly what does and does not go down well here. I wont post any shots, but I also wont lock the thread. If the guy is actually on here, he might realise what he was doing, and if not - maybe someone else might not do these things..

    Meh...fire away.... ;)
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  7. I am sure he realised what he did was bad at the time. He just f*cked up. It happens.

    If you wanted to be helpful you should of shadowed a new rider so that he didn't have to worry about his 6 o'clock, but that would not get the same sense of superiority eh?
  8. Well you have VC arguing against you, so chances are most Netriders will be on your side. :p
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  9. Haters gotta hate.
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  10. Yes, I am the superior rider, and I'm glad you are aware of it!

    Behold..it is I ...bow down and kiss my almighty MadAss!! ;)
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    So why didn't you shadow him and teach him?

    Even pulling up at the next lights and saying "that roundabout last was a bit of a close one", then if they don't realise you can tell them how you saw it and they can learn from it. Everyone learns when reinforcement is straight after the event. Hours or days later isn't good.
  12. Hopefully none of my friends lol..........SydMadAs the closest one in that area would be Mr. Hat (youve met him before), the guy also has trouble with round abouts and can be a bit suicidal hehehe.

    I wouldnt mind looking at the video at the next starbucks night :).........

    Ive gone behind a few newbies before in my cage, the best thing to do is use your car as a buffer between other cagers and the rider.......leave plenty of space to account for their erratic riding :).........but sometimes you just cant help stup*d. Im seriously hoping that I dont know this particular rider........
  13. I said I tried to catch up to him to have a word and also stated why I couldn't in my OP.

  14. That didn't make sense, you didn't want to watch him crash so you couldn't catch up. You were happy to let him crash do so as long as you didn't have to watch.
  15. o_O ^^ That didn't make sense.
  16. im going to say what most people reading this are thinking ,,,,who gives a fcuk how he or she rides ,i see this kind of rideing every day on sydney roads ,go ride up the old pac hwy any week end and see how they ride ,,, or go for a ride with the sydneys riders on a thursday night and see how most of them ride ,,not every one likes to ride like a old mole and stick to the rules ,
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  17. Mate get over it and let people ride how they want to ride. Yeah this guy was a learner and sounds like he was being a dickwad, considering your out in mt fcuking druitt i would expect nothing else then dickwad young idiots who cant ride for shit, sorry to offend some people, but most westies cant fcuking ride (or drive) for shit.

    Nothing pisses me off more than people who think they know better and can comment on your riding. I mean fcuk, you ride a madass 125 and your on L's....at what stage in your riding did you gain the many years experience needed to comment critically on peoples riding. Mate your not even on a real bike, no real rider would go for a fcuking madass what the hell.

    fcuk this forum is getting worse by the day.

    Unless someone hits me, they can ride however the fcuk they like. Unless they write my one of a kind priceless deathtrap of a bike off, i also dont even care that much that they hit me.
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  18. Ahhhh...the voice of the people has spoken. So at least now I know that no one (Or was that most of the people...) on here gives a flying fcuk about other riders on the road. Good thing to keep in mind.

    VC- a MadAss could never catch a 250 full stop. You of all people should know that.

    AznCruiser I dont think it was Mr Hat...I'll check the bike out when I get home and message ya the details. Its going to rain this week too lol... ;)
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  19. The learner wore an L plate. That makes him above average for Mount Druitt ;-)
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  20. What do you mean? i care about other riders a lot, im sure everyone on here does.

    See a guy at the side of the road, always slow down and see if he is taking a piss/on the phone or broken down or hurt, if he is broken down ill do whatever i can to help.
    See someone go down and you can bet ill be there till he heads off in the ambo, standing around directing traffic, pulling his bike out of the scrub, giving first aid if needed (im trained, obviously), whatever is needed ill be there along side all the other true riders who will pull over. Same even goes for car accidents, last accident i was at on old road, we had at least 20 bikes pull over to manage the scene and clear the debris and shift the car out of the way. most cars just drive past, or slow to make sure its being handled well. Of course riders are often the experts at accident scene management sadly.

    If the traffics heavy and someone needs a gap to change lanes, bam, ill be in the far wheel track giving him a space to move into.
    If im in the cage i keep to the extreme left or the extreme right of the lane (depending on the road and such) to give a good filtering gap for riders, and hope that other cage drones will follow me and keep as left or as right, improving the filtering for everyone.

    The list could go on, everyone who is a real rider cares about other riders, they just dont care how they ride.
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