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Mt Dandenong Tourist Rd

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by tomtom44, Jan 23, 2012.

  1. Big clump of what looked like concrete right in the middle of the road, in between Grange Rd and Farrington Rd.

    I would say it would be pretty bad if you hit it, it's quite a big bump.

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  2. thanks i was just about to head up there ill keep an eye out
  3. the easy way to get a new bike
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  4. Can you go back up there and move it Tomtom, I might be heading up there soon, cheers.
  5. Uhhmmm I'm pretty sure it's stuck there. Might just have to wait until a car rips it off, looked like it fell from a cement truck wet and then dried on. I'll probably go there tomorrow though so I'll have a closer look. Just stick to the sides though! :D
  6. vic roads been advised ? then insurance wont have issues lol
  7. There will be garden and flower shows in the Dandenongs in at least the first 2 weeks in September. Weekend and Sunday drivers will clog up everything. Plan your rides with this in mind.
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  8. Where exactly if you know?
  9. Hi @dima@dima. Got caught last year and passed a couple hundred cars coming down the hill around 20 September - I commented on it in my profile. So looked up flower shows in the Dandenongs and a couple are scheduled this month. They attract a lot of casual drivers who clog up the whole area. So not specific, but worth looking out for.
    Was going to paste a link but it never seems to work on this old iPad - google garden shows in the Dandenongs.
  10. Women's only cycle ride in The Dandenongs on April 17. Lots of roads will be closed so avoid the area. Tacks found on the 1 in 20 recently possibly in protest against the closures...

    The Ascent - Bicycle Network