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Mt Cotton Training 23rd January...

Discussion in 'QLD' at netrider.net.au started by ~DadAgain~, Jan 12, 2010.

  1. I'm off to Mt Cotton for a day of fun on 23rd...

    Bit of a long shot - but if anyone else around here is going AND heading down from the North West of the City then I'm more than happy to ride in convoy.

    Also - is there a better was of getting to Mt Cotton than just straight down the freeway? Any ideas?

  2. Who are you doing the training through..? If its the Team Moto advanced road course, then definitely awesome fun! I've gotta do that again on the new bike sometime soon.

    Where are you coming from..?
  3. Yes TeamMoto... (good to hear its a decent course). I'll be coming from The Gap.
  4. Yeah you'll have a ball on that day, especially on the track section in the arvo. Rumour has it that noone pays attention to the official speed limit on the track... ;)

    You can go via Mt Cotton Rd, and even hit up West Mt Cotton Rd for some extra twisties, but my advice would be to take the easy way, because I guarantee you'll be stuffed by the end of the day without giving yourself extra strain first up!
  5. Just for the record:

    AWESOME day!

    Got pretty hot on the paddock work in the morning though - bike temp guage got up a scarey 112C and I was dripping in sweat (but braking got MUCH better, as did cornering in the slaloms)... We had one poor guy on a 250Ninja who obviously relied a little too much on his back brake and the brake line exploded when his brake fluid boiled. - thus ending his day

    Afternoon on the track however, WOW - that track is brilliant! 80kmh limit was definately not heeded by anyone and I think most of us were doing close to that that kind of speed or more around the hairpin bend. One guy on a Z750 was flying at around 160kmh in places (WAAAAY faster than I was comfortable with).

    Anyway - thoroughly recommend the day, theres no doubt that my cornering has improced massively and I've now used some bits of my tire that had certainly never seen contact with bitumen before. Very nice to be able to find a few personal boundaries without playing dodgems with Mr & Mrs Prado on the wrong side of the white line.

    If you havent done a course like this and were thinking of doing it - DO IT!!!
  6. Sounds like you had a great day!! I'll have to get myself booked into one of these days, probably in a few months once its cooled down a bit :)

    Are you looking at coming down for the Gold Coast Ride end of Feb?
  7. I cannot believe that you still have to do 80kmp/h on that track. That sucks so bad. but at least team moto care enough to give the half days away when they sell a bike.
    I was an instructor for them and did not know and went hell for leather. Till big john pulled me up and went off. ooops.
    Glad the boys are taking it easy on the speed limit for you. We use to go as hard as the punters wanted later in the day. How else can you learn. Better than a greasy raod with traffic and shoite all around you.
    Just ridiculous. I am doing a hill climb there next month in my car and no way will I be doing under WOT.
  8. so what was the cost?
  9. From memory the full day cost is about $250, maybe a bit less...
  10. yeah - full day would have been $250 -
    BUT since I bought my bike from Teammoto I got the morning for free doing breaking and slalom paddock work:

    and only had to pay $150 for the 'fun on the circuit' afternoon: Jan1000284.

    For what its worth I'm CONVINCED I was leant over WAAY more that that! I scraped my feet a couple of times (which caused a rapid re-appraisal of lifes priorities!:eek:hno:)