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Mt Baw Baw

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Pompy, Sep 12, 2016.

  1. Just wondering if people think the ride up Mt Baw Baw is worth the effort, heading up past Icy Creek? If I go it will be in 2 weeks time.


  2. Absolutely!

    I've done it several times and will go again.
    The road is quite narrow in parts and the surface is average at best, although I prefer to call It 'technical'.

    The views from Mt Baw Baw village are great. A very satisfying ride, my friend.
    Just do it.

    p.s. If you want to extend the ride, do Sth Face Rd as well, which will make this a nice loop for you.
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  3. Thanks Mick, not sure about Sth Face Rd, is it dirt all the way, last time I was there I gave up on it due to the corrigations........
  4. Yep it's dirt, about 1/2 hrs worth.
    I didn't find any corrugations a few months back. Might have recently been graded, perhaps.
  5. It is a great ride, although as Mick points out, the road surface can vary. There are some great views along the way and an excellent hot chocolate is available at the cafe.
    Last time I went up I had planned to do the whole loop, but didn't realise it was gravel until I got there, so I abandoned the idea. The lady in the cafe did say most of the locals prefer the gravel to the tourist road - less cyclists and trucks. She also said it was a solid surface.
    Enjoy the ride.
  6. Well I will head up there during my week off, and see how I feel as far as Sth Face goes, it was March last year when I was there, coming from Rawson side.
  7. It's a great ride. I started down the South Face Road once and felt like I was on marbles, so turned around after a couple of kays.
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  8. Do it PompyPompy! At least once to tick off your bucket riding list :)

    It is "technical" as Mick MMick M states with some pretty windy & tight corners. Beautiful scenery though with some visual delights.

    When I did it with NosohNosoh earlier in the year, there were some v short sections of gravel that caught me out coming round a corner (roadworks?) and there's a bit of veg on the road.

    The top has got some breathtaking views worth while tho :)
    Happy riding!
  9. Thanks I will be up there next week (y)
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