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MT-09 Street Tracker

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by ebf00, Jun 12, 2014.

  1. Hmm. Not too sure about this, looks a bit.... wrong?


    Posts on it at Visordown and Therideadvice and Motorcyclenews. No idea if it will be released in Australia (only UK confirmed at this point).
  2. Form over function....

    They should have fixed the suspension, throttle and brakes....

    That chassis and motor deserve more than what Yammy are giving it in the components department.
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  3. Not too bad. I like the rally version better though, but not sure if they are (or will be) sold here.
  4. Why do that to the exhaust? Why?
  5. It's the sort of oddball thing I'd buy.... but they'd have to sort out the suspension first.
  6. It's an $11k bike. It has 11k brakes and suspension.
  7. So you get $11K worth of engine and frame. Fine so far. Now offer some upspecing from the catalog so I can take delivery with some nice moving bits for say two or three grand (NOT carbon fibre and anodising, puhleeease ) and I'm still happy. Nothing hard about that is there?
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  8. You can do that now, aftermarket. If Yamaha offered genuine options you'd probably complain about the price.

    This bike is awesome for what it is. It's not a supersport. It's a budget naked.
  9. How much of a difference does suspension make for an average rider?

  10. Lots.

    Funny you ask.
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  11. Well, you've set your self up for a bunch if smart ass comments now....
  12. I realised my mistake later, but it was already too late! Now I'm at the mercy of Netriders :arghh:
  13. Alright, let's ask the question in a slightly different manner.

    How much of a difference in suspension is an average rider going to feel or make use of??
  14. With this bike - a lot. It really is under done for the larger rider and that affects pretty much everything.

    I'm certainly a novice but I would need to have the suspension work done to make the bike work even at my 6/10 of it's capability.
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  15. I'm legitimately interested in buying a mt09 new - normal model, not this street tracker thing.

    I'm sick of old shitters and I want to get away from sportsbikes and inline 4s on the road. I just turned 30 and my license is clean enough to get affordable insurance (from staying off road bikes for the last 2-3 years haha)

    I know what to expect from the bullshit ycct, my 2009 r1 had that and it can be fixed with a flash tune when the warranty runs out.

    I know I'm going to love the engine there's no doubt about that, but it's the suspension that concerns me.. Being a racer I have reasonably high expectations (still fully aware it's not a superbike and it's a budget bike though)

    I was thinking of calling my suspension guy and checking if he has a solution for these bikes.

    Does anyone here actually own one? I'm going to go check then out on Friday if I got time.
  16. Don't own. But have ridden.

    Check blog for details.

    In short. Farken excellent motor. Donk plus some.

    Chassis. As in, frame and geometry = spot on. (for me)

    Suspension. Woweful (for me). 70kgs. AND still too spongy and pogo. WTF.

    All said and done, massive potential. Yet again, Yammy cheaped out and rushed to market.

    But damn. That motor.
  17. Thanks for the info, that's pretty much what I was expecting to hear. Do you think it could be corrected with a simple spring rate change or the valving is a turd?

    What worries me the most is that the front end is rebound adjustment only.

    Honestly I'd be prepared to sink a grand into the suspension as long as the chassis/motor/base geometry is solid. I could get the preload and valving set internally. I'm not that worried about having full adjustment as long as it's set to a good point
  18. Hard to say.

    Although, in reality, I imagine the only fix would be new forks and shock altogether.
  19. I have one... Suspension sucks, rear shock squats badly on acceleration and not confidence inspiring at all. Waiting on a Wilbers shock for the rear that should address all my dislikes. Already have stiffer springs in the front, new oil and some revalving done to address the excesive nose dive and pogo stick feeling
  20. Glad I chose my 690 Duke instead then. But it was a close call...