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MT-09 owners, hands up

Discussion in 'Naked' at netrider.net.au started by iClint, Feb 22, 2015.

  1. Yes, I'm an MT-09 owner in Sydney metropolitan area.

  2. Yes, I'm an MT-09 owner in elsewhere .

  3. Candy

  1. I was just curious. How many current MT-09 owners do we have here, particularly in Sydney?

  2. I'm not, but love the bike! If the street triple was never made the MT 09 would be my next bike
  3. why you gona start an export company?
  4. I'm here. I know of one more but she's not on the forum I don't think.
  5. shhhhh it's a secret!!!!!!!!;)
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    Apropos of nothing, I just worked out that I've spent over $3,500 on mods and accessories for my MT09, and that's without touching the suspension. Its becoming an expensive cheap bike. And im bloody lovn it.
  7. Haha nice. Havent done much to mine yet. Just the akra, tail tidy and rizoma indicators.
    I've looked at some suspension stuff for mine. Talked to a dealer up here trooper Lu's (Yamaha dealer but really good workshop) about a wilbers rear shock set up with remote reservoir. Plus re springing and re valving the front and adding a steering dampener. The steering dampener probably the first thing I'll do.
    Then there's the rear sets, braided lines, mirrors, bars, grips, etc that I like the look of. I think I'll slowly do things to this one over time and keep it for a while rather than just upgrade after a few years. Love this bike already but it's gonna end up having too much love and affection probably!
  8. Oh and a seat upgrade. Saw some really awesome custom ones onlime.
  9. Needs a www link
  10. These ones are in France. So would end up being expensive with shipping and everything. But I was thinking of taking mine to a good upholstery joint and asking for a similar job.
    Even the Yamaha comfort seat option is expensive. And does look better but not much.
  11. I thought there might be a few more on this forum.

    I'm just about done modifying mine.

    I had planned to remove the rear sets and have them powder coated satin black but there are a couple of technical problems preventing me doing this due to the assembly of them, so until I solve this or some after market ones I like come available, they will stay stock

    My mod list so far:
    - Rizoma Red/black grips
    - Rizoma cap bar ends (sanded them back and painted them satin black)
    - ASV shorty levers Red/black
    - Hel Braided brake hoses Raw finish with red Banjo's
    - R&G rear peg blanking plates (sanded them back and painted them satin black)
    - Pyramid Plastics Side infill panels
    - Pyramid plastics rear seat cowl
    - Clear LED indicators Front and back
    - Smoto Radiator guard (removed branding)
    - Full Titanium Akrapovic exhaust - no Cat, left the baffle in as I like the look and sound
    - Removed peg feelers

    soon to be modded
    - Rizoma circuit 744 mirrors
    - Yoshimura Tail tidy
    - Replace chain with one with anodised red links
    - change sprockets for more Torque
    - change out front fork oil for more damping
    - always on power outlet under seat
    - switched power outlet on bars

    Possible undecided upon future mods:
    - Black engine bolt set
    - some tricked out rotors
    - titanium/or black rotor and sprocket bolts
    - Denali soundbomb
    - Grind back and polish boss where the peg feelers attach to the pegs
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  12. I am really digging the look of the MT-09 and was hoping it would be my first real bike after I get off my P's later this year. Would this be too much bike for someone coming off a Ninja 250? I am mature enough now to not do stupid sh!t on the road but still a little concerned that the jump in power might get me into trouble. I have clocked up around 7,000km on my ninja including 1 track day but still have a lot to learn.
  13. Hey guys, how about some awesome photos of modded MTs? Your descriptions make me drool and I'm not usually into modern-styled bike lol.
  14. If you can self moderate you'll be right mate. It is a massive jump in power and torque, but if you take it easy and get a feel for it you'll be fine.
    It is really easy to ride, you can putt around on it no worries. It's all in your right wrist (and brain) as they say! The power is right there when you want it though, there's no winding her up, it comes on instantly!
    Once you're on your fulls take one for a test ride and see what you think.
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  15. thanks mate, yeah it's what I need to learn the most is throttle control as the little ninja is very forgiving in that department, yeah can't wait to test ride one.
  16. I would say it might even be easier to ride than your ninja.
    - its about the same weight if not lighter
    - the wider bars and upright riding position give you greater control at low speed
    - When the bike is in B mode it is a tame little kitty, the throttle is very forgiving while full power still being available if you give it a good twist.

    If you are upgrading it is a very good decision in that there will be no having to get used to more weight, only more power.

    First few times you ride (particularly test ride) when you start the bike put it in B mode by pressing the mode button twice (if the dealer hasn't alread done this for you.) get a feel for the way the bike handles, and gradually roll on more power as you get used to it.
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  17. mirrors arrived today fitted about 5mins later
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    I haven't got any pics yet of the whole bike with all the mods just of the mods as I have been doing them which are in the https://netrider.net.au/threads/whats-been-done-to-your-bike-today.164943/ thread. when I fit my Tail tidy I head out somewhere and take some nice pics to show everything off.


    with a few of the mods

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