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Featured Mt-09 or Tracer

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by jord4231, May 21, 2015.


Tracer or Mt-09

Poll closed May 28, 2015.
  1. Tracer

  2. Mt-09

  1. Hi Netriders,

    Sorry I know this has sort of been discussed I've been reading the posts but..

    I need some help.

    I am going to buy a mt-09 or a Tracer .

    This is the silly thing I don't know what I want.

    When I rode the mt09 because the demo tracer was out at the time I got off that bike after laughing in my helmet like a crazy person the entire test ride and said that is the BEST bike I've ever ridden

    This is where my confusion starts.

    I've owned a lot of bikes but the bikes I've had on the road have been and in this order
    Honda sl230
    Kawasaki zx600 4cyld (naked missing fairing)
    Harley 1981 Xlh1000 (current ride)
    Cb125e commute (current ride)

    So I guess All my road ride bikes have been naked.

    In all the bikes I have owned my favorite most comfy is my cb125e (I like the upright position for my back)

    When I got on the mt-09 I've thought this is the same kind of riding position but what an awesome engine.

    The tracer felt like It looked heavy but wasn't, I think being used to non fairing bikes this threw me.
    And things like windscreens well I'm used to no windscreens so no biggy.

    I just can't decide I wanted to want the tracer but then I thought I'm not really touring, and the mt09 might just be more fun.

    I want to beable to go for a ride for the day (recently rode the Harley from Geelong to Horsham and back not going to say it was overly pleasant but not too bad)

    I want to ride around tassie but that will be a once off and I'm sure I could also do that on a mt09,
    I'm sure the tracer would be awesome for that.

    I liken it to you could buy the Porsche boxter s OR you could buy the cayenne sure the cayenne is more practical but the boxter will be more fun.

    I'm kind of thinking if I buy the tracer It will be like I should have brought the 50" tv not the 32" tv
  2. If you are only going to tour once in a blue moon I would go the MT-09.

    If you plan to get away more often the extra 4L of fuel may come in handy as well as the wind protection and the extra carrying capacity of the panniers.
    You also get a more fully featured dash and the hand protectors on the Tracer. It has been reported that the suspension is improved on the Tracer and the steering has improved because of it.

    Surprisingly the Tracer only weighs 20kg more so it's not a huge burden given that the MT-09 is already quite light.

    You could always grab the soft sided genuine Yamaha panniers for the MT-09 if you are only doing a short trip. They are listed at $329.

    My brother had this dilemma and he decided that because we may do a bit of a trip (say 500km) once a year and the rest of the time local riding he is going to get the MT-09.
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  3. Awesome Did not think of that I love my top box on my cb definitely looking In to that now, I'm leaning more to the mt09
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  4. MT09 - I find fairings annoying.
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  5. Sweet just seen they have a top box available for $250! =D
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  6. I'm looking at the MT-09/Tracer as one of the potential bikes to buy when I have an unrestricted license. I'm currently riding a naked bike and the lack of a fairing doesn't bother me either.

    The bike will be used for daily commuting and two-up weekend touring so the Tracer version is probably the way I'll go if I settle on this bike. If it was just a weekend machine I'd get the MT-09 without hesitation - it is excellent value for the price.

    Perhaps this video will help you decide?
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  7. Haha I've seen that video. I rarely 2 up nowdays my partner has a bike also.
    I will be riding a lot but id say ill keep the cb 125 just to ride to work so I guess it will be a weekend rider!
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  8. That's awesome. Considering this and the other replies in the thread, the MT-09 looks like a winner. Can't wait to get my hands on one too!
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  9. Wonder if the comfort seat is worth it anyone got one?
  10. I'd say like everyone else get the MT09. A good thing someone taught me to see where the heart lies is to flip a coin. Not because of the 50/50 chance or anything but merely to see as you're about to reveal if it's heads or tails you'll want it to be one more than the other. Good trick for life :) good luck in your decisions. I wish I were in your position. Great bikes.
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  11. Thank you MyoMan :)
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  12. Just by looking at your 1st post here jord4231jord4231, it's clear that you want an MT-09. :D I say go for it.
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  13. If you like headlight cowls/mini screens, there're plenty of aftermarket ones for the MT-09. I have the Ermax 33 (shipped from US) on mine. There's a bit of buffetting highway riding on windy days at 100k's, other than that, I reckon a w/screen "completes" the bike's aesthetics.
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  14. Yeh you can always add to the bike
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  15. You could even get the small sporty screen for general riding. Then a much bigger more effective one for touring :)
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  16. I've never riden one but I've liked the MT09 since they came out, I think they are compact little sporty machine that should be a hoot to ride. They look like good value too. My son has got a Z750 that is very nimble I think it would be very similar. But I'm 6 foot would feel a little cramped especially in the legs if I was going to ride it for more than an hour. I saw a tracer the other day and it looks a bit taller and longer, which would be more comfy. I think I saw that it has longer travel suspension as well which would help if you are riding any rougher country roads. I'd like to ride both bikes but I think the tracer would be much better for me or a taller rider. Make sure you ride both but if you have any aspirations of touring I think the tracer is going to be more versatile, practical and comfy.
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  17. I am a huge MT-09 fan, in all the variants. Ignoring my obvious bias, I would recommend the Tracer over the STD MT-09 as an all-rounder;
    • The fuelling seems to be better mapped on the Tracer (Arse-Dyno impression only)
    • The suspension feels much better, and soaks up the crap Sydney roads quite well
    • The standard centre-stand makes maintenance easier
    • The panniers are nice, and are easily removed
    • The extra fuel capacity is welcome
    • The extra functions on the dash are quite handy
    • The switchable TCS and riding modes are actually usable
    • The LED headlights are awesome, especially in the bush
    • There is a lot of farkle available for the Tracer from Yamaha, and it's good quality and sharply priced
    • Touring is very pleasant as compared to the MT-09, which I find a bit cramped for 400km+ days
    • The OEM heated grips interface directly with the dash (no extra controls), it's a small thing, but it ticked a box for me
    • Possibility of fitting the cruise control from the Super Tenere (long shot, but I have had success with similar efforts)
    • The mirror position sucks, if you are tall, you need to fit extensions
    • I don't mind the saddle, but some may prefer the comfort saddle
    • The wide bars can make lane splitting in tight traffic, a bit of a chore, but you get used to it
    • Red or Grey only (and the red sucks)
    • Extra dollars for Tracer seem high, until you look at what you are getting
    • Tracer is definitely a more touring biased machine
    I feel that even if you only tour once a year on the Tracer, it is worth it. I use mine as a daily commuter and weekend fun machine. It ticks all the boxes for me.
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  18. #18 jord4231, May 23, 2015
    Last edited: May 23, 2015
    Hi again guys and girls First of all Today I test rode the Mt-09 and the Tracer again, this time a decent test ride out at Lilydale.

    I rode the tracer first, Holy crap was I mistaken about this bike. This is a fantastic bike. Basically what tracer said above in your post ....you just bet me to it, I totally agree with every thing you said except the red color (but then I've only seen red in real life so far)

    The tracer I rode this time was set up a lot better than the last one I rode in Melbourne city, the position of the handlebars and the seat was in the low position.

    I felt like I could ride the tracer all day and when it wants to getup and go it goes and hard!
    no doubt if the traction was off It would have the front wheel off the ground easily, I felt the traction kick in a few times but not in a bad way.

    Then I rode the mt-09 while its a beast of a bike I found it almost a little off-putting around the corners at first it really took some getting used too.
    All the same this bike was mental and after a 30 min awesome ride I could see that this was not a bike id be riding all day long.

    Personally for me I think the tracer rides a lot better, so that's now what I've decided on The shop has told me that they remap the fueling for the akrapovic exhaust

    I was told this really changes the attitude of the bike

    Not what I was expecting but I just can't wait to sell the Harley and get on a tracer

    Also Tracer I'm interested in your cruise control efforts
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