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MT-09 Ape Cam Chain Tensioner

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by KumuduG, Aug 18, 2015.

  1. Hi Guys

    I'm looking to buy a APE CCT for my MT-09. Any of you guys have an idea where I can buy it in Melbourne.
    Also anyone out there with a MT-09 have installed it?
  2. phil taiton racing in wantirna deal with ape gear.
  3. Thanks mate. Emailed them asking details. Let's hope they have it.
  4. whats wrong with your stock cct??
  5. Please place threads in appropriate forums and don't use all caps in your title, thanks.
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  6. Sorry about that.
  7. It was making weird sounds the other day. The 09ners CCT is notorious to do this and according to some research I did the CCT by APE is the sure way of fixing it for good. I might be wrong and if so I'm open for suggestions.

    The CCT just made a weird noise the other day and now it just has a small rattle which in my opinion is all right but a lot of people has posted videos online saying it's not so normal. Anyway the reason I'm looking to find places to get the APE CCT is so that if my CCT starts making a lot of noise I have a solution.
  8. Not sure if any MT09 owners here have changed to the new tensioner (even though there are quite a few MT riders on NR). I'm assuming you've read all the stories on the MT/FZ09 dedicated forums. I did hear it once at about 1500KM and took it to my mechanic but he told me he couldn't hear it. Also told me his MT09 customers have never had a problem (and he's an independent so no reason to lie).

    Would changing that part void the warranty though?
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  9. Or get your CCT replaced under warranty. Even the earliest 2013 models should still be covered under the manufacturers two year warranty.

    My MT09 is 02/14 build, over 15k on the clock, no CCT issues.
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  10. I just heard it once and after reading about it in MT/FZ 09 dedicated forums a lot of people have said that even after getting it changed under warranty the problem still comes back. Anyway by bike just did that once and I am just looking at my options. Most people have changed to the APE CCT and had the problem fixed. So I was just looking to see whether there is a place here I can buy it instead of importing from US if the need arises.

    Also one more thing. To give more details. The bikes CCT made this sound last Sunday just after a wash. I took it out after a wash to get the excess water out and to get the chain heated up so I can lube it. After that I have done a couple of hundred more Km and the sound never came back. Is there any possibility that the wash made it to make that CCT noise.

    Anyway Thanks guys for your replies.
  11. Water won't affect the cct, as it's a sealed unit!