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MT-07 Windshield?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Simmo W, Sep 15, 2015.

  1. Hi, after having ridden my first route at over 100kmh today, I'm now seriously considering a small windshield for my MT-07.

    Can anyone help me decide if getting one, of any particular size, will help reduce the wind pressure on body and helmet?

    Thanks in anticipation.
  2. 100s fun and windy eh, I like it, even long distance but interested as well.
  3. Yes, I don't mind the feeling up to 80, that's what nakeds are for. But long touring at 100 is gonna give me a headache!
  4. From what I've seen on youtube from the windshield reviews, The puig windscreens seem okay. However i know some of the windshields tend to end just below or at the bars and it tends to direct the wind more up towards the top of your chest/bottom of helmet instead of up and over. Maybe look at more of a touring windscreen e.g. Fly screen Puig Tour Yamaha MT-07 13-15 dark smoke = the touring puig windscreen. This should aim the wind more up and over than some of the shorter ones. If you want a bit more information on the smaller puig windscreen look up 'russian rider' on youtube. He has a few videos on his windscreen and how successful it is. Hope this helps but yeah your probably looking at a bigger windscreen. Don't really have any experience on this bike except a lot of research when looking at buying (bought a st660) as well as when i went in store and they had a mt07 with a touring set up and it had a windscreen pretty high. Sorry for long response but yeah shop around and read reviews.
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  5. Thanks, don't apologise for the long reply, it was very informative.

    Coincidentally I've already ordered the light smoke touring Puig, so will report back once I try it.
  6. My advice - Wait until you have ridden at 100km/h more. It's weird at first, but you will get used to it. An easy fix is ride at 120km/h for a while, then you will wonder why you worried about the wind at 100km/h. And wear earplugs, even with a screen you will need them.

    The problem with a screen - You may introduce the never ending search for the perfect airflow. Buffeting is far far worse than the smooth airlfow you get on a naked.
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  7. Thanks, yes I know what you mean, I originally thought the wind was bad at 80, but when coming down from 100 it was literally a breeze!
  8. Mt 07 in my veins..
    Interesting to see your new screen review.
    Im on hold on the screen.
    Saving for exhaust.

    I'm in Adelaide
  9. Hmmm, When I bought the XJR (1300 naked) it had a screen fitted by the previous owner.
    It was a nightmare, being fixed to the handlbars overtaking a b-double doing 90 became a serious business.
    Needless to say that after the trip home from Bendigo and two 20klm commutes on the ring road it had to go.
    I'd never had a screen fixed to the handlebars before........never will again.
    I did notice that without the screen the comfortable touring speed was reduced to about 210 though............3:)
  10. Ha, good saying. Love the bike, but hate this darned cold that's stopped me riding for the week!

    I'm actually enjoying the standard exhaust note, Especially at 100kph! I suppose once I hear a modded one up close, I'll jump for it
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  11. Wow, to the handlebars?! Interesting handling! Oh well, I don't mind paying to then report back for everyone else. If it doesn't make longer trips more comfy, I'll strip it off.
  12. Het Simon...you are lucky being able to do 100kph!, do you need to run your engine in? I am still running in and limited to 75/80kph....although not for much longer (y)
  13. Update, received the Puig touring wind shield, installation was easy and very sturdy. Even better, it's significantly less windy on the chest, riding is a heap more pleasant, highly recommended! You barely notice the thing visually

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  14. And sorry David, my run in schedule only specifies 5000rpm limit to 1,000k's, then 6000 to 1,600. No kph limit
  15. It looks good too! :)
  16. Are you still happy with the Puig touring screen? I'm asking as I just removed mine, as the buffeting became to annoying. I did like how the air flow was directed away from my body, but it ended up hitting me just under the helmet, hence the buffeting. By the way I'm 6' tall, so might be ok for shorter riders. So now am contemplating packing the screen out to a more vertical position, hoping the air flow goes over my head. Or might start cutting the height down....... possibly till it eventually ends up in the bin.
  17. Yep, I'm still happy with it, and I'm 6ft 2.
  18. Maybe I need to grow another 2" then. Hmmm but you have got me thinking that maybe I need to direct the air flow lower rather than higher. You get no buffeting to your helmet then ? Do me a favor, the next time you go for a ride duck down a few inches and see if you get any buffeting.
  19. I looked into buying a small shield for my mt-07 but once I seen photos of them actually on the bike, they look like the front end of an endurance/touring bike (which I'm not a fan). I just grin and bare the wind since I'm only 5"9 but it still knocks your head around a fair bit.

    As long as your happy with it !!