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MT-07 will be LAMS only

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Red Hat, Aug 15, 2014.

  1. According to Yamaha Motor Australia's FB page, the normally 75hp 689cc MT-07 will only be released in Australia as a heavily hobbled 655cc LAMS version for now, with no apparent plan to release the full version here:

    This 655cc MT-07 is specifically designed for the Australian market...
    The Australian MT-07 is not a restricted version of the model available in Europe. It is specifically built in Japan for the Australian LAMs market. It is designed to appeal to riders who appreciate the combination of instant torque in a lightweight, high quality package and not just entry level rider
    We will be only getting this version for the Australian market for now, we will have many more new models coming in the near future.


    Why would Yamaha do this instead of giving us a full version as well as a LAMS? They will miss out on heaps of sales from unrestricted riders who would love to jump on what should have been an awesome, light and affordable middleweight. But as it stands... it will be a LAMS only imitation of the real thing they get in Europe and the US.

    Are they tired of selling bikes or something? I really hope they reconsider this and release the full spec version too. Thoughts?
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  2. I don't get it myself considering the MT-03 is a 660cc.

    It's quite strange in my opinion.
  3. They must be going to replace the MT-03 with the MT-07. Otherwise they are just canabalising their own model lineup. They don't need two 660cc naked LAMS bikes in the "MT" series.
  4. My guess is that there would be precious few reasons to buy a full power MT 07 when you could get a MT 09 for not much more.
    Current prices for MT 03 and MT 09 are $10K and $12K. The 07 would have to be about $11K ?
  5. $8999 RRP so around 10k orc.

    They've had to sleeve it to reduce capacity, I'd assume they believe it is too expensive to build and ADR to bikes with different engines (similar to Triumph stopping sales of the normal Street Triple).

    Rather than blame Yamaha I blame the stupidity of a cc limit as part of LAMS. Either a power limit is enough or it isn't. Of course we could just adopt the now standard European A2 license.
  6. If they discontinued the MT-03 (which now seems overpriced for such an old model designed in the mid-2000s) they could have stuck with the full version of the MT-07 at 8,999 and maybe discounted the LAMS one by $500. That would still make the full MT-07 2,000 less than the MT-09.

    The thing is, the MT-09, despite being great value for the raw performance you get, has issues with its RBW throttle response and suspension which make it a less than ideal step-up bike for a rider just on their full license. Reviewers are noting that the simpler cable-controlled throttle on the MT-07 is much smoother and doesn't share the issues of its big brother. The suspension is also better sorted, despite being budget still. Both of those things make it a more inviting prospect for the less experienced rider.

    Yamaha's FB page is now attracting a lot of disappointed comments about this. Hopefully the change their minds when they realise there still is demand for a decent mid-range naked twin with good performance.
  7. What the fcuk are Yamaha doing with the new MT range?

    Fcuk me, what a load of puss.
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  8. How hard is grey import these days?