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MT-07 purchase

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Kiks, Feb 21, 2016.

  1. Hello folks,

    Looking at buying a new MT-07 LAMs and wondering if there are any recent buyers who were able to negotiate the price down and by how much roughly pls? The ride away is around $10500 - $10900 and all dealers seem to have them on the floor (or unassembled ones) meaning there's no waiting list. Won't be financing it and also aware from reading similar posts you can always ask for discount on gears if the dealer won't budge on the bike price. Wouldn't mind the 2015 model since the only difference with the 2016 one is new colours but don't believe dealers stock many of them any more.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Got mine $10700 just before Xmas it's an 09/15 model wasn't much budging from major dealer in Melbourne cbd
  3. Put in a deposit on a new one MY16 (11/15 compliance date) for $9500 ride away. Noticed on the purchase contract indicating odometer is 50kms which I raised with the salesperson who mentioned this is normal with brand new bikes and will actually show 5kms when I ride off into the sunset. I asked for it to be turned on so I can take a look at the screen and was advised that floor bikes do not have fuel so not possible. Sounds bit dodgy and can't find any info on brand new motorcycle default km's unless I'm missing something...so I may have bought a demo ;-/
  4. Hmmm that's a bit weird man !
    Bit of BS you cant turn key on I'm sure they would have a little fuel in it . But that's a good price, where did you get it from ??
  5. $9500 is cheap.
    Maybe too cheap?...
  6. No petrol can't turn key on.. wait what you talkin about Willis?

    What a load, you can check the odo without starting it.
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  7. I got mine in December for $10400 from BikeBiz Parra. I think the initial price was $10900 or something like that. Bloke named Michael was really helpful, especially when I said I'm gonna buy one straight away, cash. :) Good Luck!
  8. On the other hand it's only 50k's and you've saved a grand....................... :banghead:
  9. Ummmmm........
  10. No idea about the MT, but my CB400 wont even prime (fuel pump) if the kill switch is 'ON'. Hence wouldn't be an issue to turn it on with no fuel I would think.

    Seems like a good price either way.
  11. What about the dealer resetting the odo to zero? That sounds a bit iffy.
  12. Is it from a certain dealer on Elizabeth st in cbd who only sells Yamaha ???????
  13. And illegal as shit. What's to stop them using it as a demo bike for a couple of hundred k's, and then re-setting it? :mad:

    If a dealer said that to me, I'd be straight out the door.
  14. Just bought a brand new 09/2015 white model for $9500 ride away. It was the same price if I wanted the 2016 colours, I'm in Perth and all the bikes here come from eastern states. The salesman told me right for the new colours was $10300 but they'd still do $9590 ride away. Also, 50k's on the clock sounds a bit dodgy if it's brand new. Mine had 1 or 2km. They unpacked it out of the crate while I was there.
  15. Yep they ended up giving me a brand 'newer' one (12/2015) straight out of crate altho I wasn't there during unpack it had <5kms for the same ride away price - $9500 so I was happy.
    Apparently there was a typo in the original contract. Was also explained the standard for a japanese motorcycle is 10km on the odometer at time of purchase; the average is around 5km but the manufacturers always give themselves some leeway to cover any issues that may arise- possible contamination from preservation materials, etc. Anyway I'm in QLD and the bike has done over 100km now :)
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  16. good stuff man. I just got my MT-07HO for $10,000 even. Went in for the lams but couldnt say no to a free upgrade. I suspect they dont sell many of the HO's here in Aus.
  17. My brother is looking in Sydney and was quoted 10.7k, depends where your buying but Sydney dealers aren't budging too much on them as they sell fairly well..
  18. Put friggin ABS on it and it would sell a hole lot more I'd say...
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  19. Im looking to buy the MT-07 HO in August. Did you test ride both the LAMS and the HO? Is there a very big difference?
    From which dealer/where did you get the MT-07 HO? Thank you :)
  20. Just got the MT-07 HO MY2015 for a steal. Paid 9.6K ride away
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