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Featured MT-07 or Z300?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Q3Arena, Apr 30, 2015.

  1. My dilemma is this. I have the cash to walk in tomorrow and ride away with a shiny new Kawasaki Z300 or I could save up for a couple of more months and get myself a shiny new Yamaha MT-07.

    I am 6' and 105Kg so I know the MT-07 is probably the better option although I have sat on the Z300 and it really does have that big bike feel.

    I am just returning to riding after many years of family life therefore I am restricted to a LAMS bike.

    What would you do?
  2. There are some mt07 s on the 2nd hand market. If your set on new I would save up for one
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  3. I would get the cheaper bike, flog the guts out of it for 12 months zipping around corners like a mad man. Sell it, then buy an MT-09.
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  4. MT07 is for a better fit for your size. As you're a returning rider You'll probably grow bored of the little bikes power too.
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  5. Thanks for your views guys :) I have been keeping an eye out for second hand MT-07's but none here in Adelaide that I have seen. I am not a speed demon so I think that the MT-07 would still be OK for me after I am unrestricted. I am riding a restored 1969 T200 Suzuki two stroke for fun at the moment and I am having heaps of fun on that :) My brother owns two of them and I have added one to the gallery here on Netrider :)
  6. My 2c - the MT-07 fits your weight better as it'll have a lot more grunt. But if you're happy on the old 200cc right now, then I'd go and have a decent test ride on both the Z300 and the MT-07 (preferably same day) and see which you prefer actually riding. Or see if one of them "just feels right", makes you grin etc.

    Have fun...
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  7. MT-07 hands down brother. I was in the same situation as you. It's a killer bike.Go and test ride one. If you feel right on it get it. Respect & ride safe.
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  8. You're not a brand new rider, you're a returning rider with previous experience. IMO you'd outgrow the 300 and have to update much quicker ending up wasting you $ you don't need to spend.
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  9. I'm 6' and 95kg and have ridden my wife's ninja 300. I really have to rev it to get moving at a decent pace. The MT07 has had really good reviews partly because it is a LAMS bike, but also because it can very easily be a bike someone will keep once they have their full licence.

    BTW it looks like there is a used MT07 on bikesales at a dealer 25km south of Adelaide CBD for $8300
  10. Might as well get a motorised pushy if you're getting the ninja 300 ;)
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  11. Thanks everyone. I'll check out that MT-07 on Bike Sales or if that doesn't work out just save up the extra cash and go with a new MT-07. Thanks very much for your opinions :)
  12. Can only vouch for the MT 07, great bike, loads of torque, power and fun. If you test ride one I think your decision will take care of itself, good luck
  13. That MT07 is at the Yamaha dealer down south and it looked great when I last saw it... very low km's and very good price, considering it's been run in and serviced for you.
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  14. I guess I am a little cynical but why does somebody sell an awesome bike like the MT-07 after only 1,400km?
  15. I see heaps of near new bikes on sale... mostly coming from people who misjudged what kind of riding they wanted to do or didn't really understand what they were getting themselves into. Pretty sure the MT-07 guy traded in for trail bike or something (according to the dealer).
  16. Thanks mUnky :)
  17. Not uncommon with LAMS bikes. I bought my bike (not an MT-07) last year with 1100km on it. The 1st owner was a middle-aged noob who found riding was not for him. It was then bought by a middle-aged noob who found riding *was* definitely for him (that's me!). The bike (now at 19k km) has been perfect.
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  18. Maybe look at a CB500F its a twin and still pretty cheap, after looking at the Z300 and CB300 I test rode the CB500 and its chalk and cheese they are nice and smooth and can be bought at the right price mine was $6900 ride away up here in Qld.
  19. My humble opinion, and you did say what would you do.

    I've just come back from riding after a 20 year gap... get a second hand bike. Save your money for a good unrestricted bike later... get a cheap LAMS bike, they depreciate less than a new bike over a year, get your R's and then buy a new big bike.
  20. In the end I got the MT-07 and I could not be happier. It has so much grunt. I don't have to worry if I can get away from the lights at a decent speed or worry about struggling up a climb. On a 300 I would have been struggling a lot. Of course this related directly to my size, not that a 300 would perfect for somebody a bit lighter then me!

    The upright riding position is so confidence inspiring in traffic. I have done 500km in my first week and nothing to complain about.
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