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MT-07 New Mirrors

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by s_vivo, Sep 4, 2016.

  1. image. Finally got around to putting on the new bar end mirrors...

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  2. Very nice, yeah I reckon some nice new levers will offset them very nicely.
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  3. yes mate I agree, some levers would look sweeet. can you recommend a seller of levers? I like your ones.
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  4. I just grabbed mine off eBay from BobMoto-AU. This is the eBay store link:

    bobmoto-au on eBay
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  5. thanks mate, do you recommend shorties?
  6. The ones I put on the XSR are regular ones but I find they are shorter than stock but not super short. The ones on SibiSibi's Ninja are shorties and I can only comfortably get 2 fingers on them which I find disconcerting. If you like only having a couple of fingers on the levers then shorties might be good for you, for me it freaks me out too much so I stick with the longer ones.
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  7. I've just ordered a set of levers (black and gold) and a set of bar end mirrors like the ones s_vivos_vivo has fitted.

    I didn't think I wanted to change my mirrors but they are cheap enough to experiment with and I can always get some of my money back if I can sell them.
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  8. I thought you might have gone some rizoma lever guards for the Ape, chilliman64chilliman64.
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  9. Looks great on the MT, have those same mirrors, Unless I'm filtering they get turned out, can see way more than stock and they dont get in the way

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  10. I still might, I only want to fit stuff that is easy though...
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  11. they look very cool!
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  12. Next update will be the levers, supposedly they were shipping today but I won't hold my breath...
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  13. Are those mirrors from Bobmoto as well?