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MT 07 - New Bike, Bad Rattle

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Mangrove, Oct 25, 2015.

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    I'm new to the forums and only 3 months of riding under my belt. Got my L's 3 months ago followed by my P's 3 months later.

    I purchased and sold a brand new Honda CB125E for the sole purpose of learning how to ride and I used it to get my P's.

    Last week I purchased a Yamaha Mt 07 and just yesterday handed over my near new 125 to it's lucky new owner..

    The Yamaha is an awesome ride and a great upgrade coming from the 125 but it hasn't been without some issues.

    The issue that is bothering me the most right now is the rattle. I've spoken with the Yamaha dealer and they are suggesting it is a feature of these bikes. In saying feature I mean to say they all rattle. I have since looked into the problem on the net but have not found anyone that has resolved it nor have I seen anybody mention their bike doesn't rattle.

    Mine is stock standard so no akro exhaust which means I hear the bike rattle pretty much all the time, whether or not the clutch is open or closed and going over bumps exacerbates the issue, 1st gear and second gear is noticeable but more so in 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th and god forbid you pass some vehicles or worse still ride along a barrier wall because the sound bounces around and it only worsens in those situations.It does appear to come from the left side of the bike which might suggest it's the chain but nobody has yet to confirm and/or resolve the problem. Not even those who've replaced their chains have resolved the issue. My chain slack is 100% to spec as well?

    I'd love to hear from anyone with a stock standard mt 07 who does not hear the rattle (just to know if it exists) and would really like to know if the akropovic exhaust with the baffels installed eliminates the rattle from being heard.

    The rattle is bad enough for my mate on his Ducati Monster to hear while riding behind me and so I imagine it's noticeable to people as I pass them by on the street. Nice new sexy bike with an old school bag of coins type rattle.

    I'm even happy to spend some money on this new bike just to kill that cheap nasty rattle so any help is greatly appreciated.
  2. Could it be this?
  3. Its not the chain rubbing against the guard or something? Oh, and I owned a MT07 last year, and it didnt "rattle" at all.
  4. Did u buy the bike brand new ?
  5. 1 week old bike...correct me if I am wrong.....

    No passing go, no collecting $200, ...straight back to the stealer's service department
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