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MT-07 downshift noise/alarm

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by nmd351, Jun 27, 2016.

  1. Hi,

    I'm getting this noise when downshifting, particularly into second and I'm not sure if it's some kind of alarm or a mechanical fault.

    It's not all the time, it's only when I don't get my throttle blip perfect which made me think it was clutch related.
  2. and if you don't blip at all, and use clutch to bring engine back up to speed from idle speed? is it a lot worse?
    only while you are releasing clutch, or after it is fully released?
  3. I'll the no blip down shift and see if that's worse, without triggering ABS, but yes, it's basically after the clutch has re-engaged. It's also done it when I haven't used the clutch at all.
  4. well if it's doing it after the clutch is fully engaged.. and when no clutch is used at all (ie, no slip)... then... pretty unlikely it is related to clutch slip.

    where is the sound coming from? underneath or behind you?

    is the rear axle or brake caliper loose?
  5. Seems to be on the right, doesn't particularly sound like it's coming from the rear end, sounds more like under me.

    I'll check calipers, it is when braking but it is directly after changing gears, never does it other times so it does seem to be related to the shift somehow.

    Rear axle is not loose, I've adjusted the chain twice now and it's done up to the correct torque.
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  6. Check for seagulls
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  7. not just brake squeal?
  8. There's a pig stuck in your gearbox, with it's tail in the second gear dogs.
  9. It's not a warning signal, there is something wrong. Try and define exactly what circumstances coincide with the noise. Braking, shifting, clutch in or out, rpm, temp. Also what stops it. Maybe get someone else to ride it for a second opinion and so you can listen to it as it goes past. Try giving the chain a bit more slack and see if that changes it.
  10. Hello my friend ihave the same problem as you!
    Did you find any solutuon?
  11. Do they have a slipper clutch?
  12. I am not sure what you mean with that... Sorry my english are not so good and this is only place i found someone with similar problem like me...
    Do you have any idea what this sound is?
  13. Never heard a bike make that sound, maybe a pillion once or twice though.
    If the bikes new I'd suggest you take the bike back to them with the video as proof, the MT07 I test rode did not make this noise.

    Not sure what could be making it, from the bikes I've ridden which have slipper clutches they were either silent or produced a light rattle.
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  14. It sounds like a belt slipping, similar to the sound that a worn or loose A/C belt on a car makes.
  15. Yea, it does but not many bikes have A/C or belts on them for that matter :p
    I'm struggling to think of a part that would make that noise when downshifting, best I can think of is some bearing spinning up which is stuffed.
  16. I get the same thing on my MT, I also noticed it when I buggered the downshift blip but only seems to be from 3rd-2nd. No idea what it could be.