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MT 07 Bling

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by kyle43, Aug 29, 2015.

  1. Hi All

    Just wondering where riders are buying aftermarket parts to spruce up there ride.

    Looks for LED blinkers, Crash Bobbins, Tail tidy, bar end sliders, screens, Grips and leavers, Exhaust,

    What do you guys recommend?

  2. flea bay is popular, have you checked the MT07 forums for ideas?
  3. Have checked ebay, cant seem to find anything decent, no havnt checked the mt07 forums, trying to find it on here, thanks
  4. I bought a lot of stuff from states while the exchange rate was good.
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    After only two rides through my local twisty roads I had dents in the fins on the radiator, first mod for me was a radiator gaurd, I got this one bought on ebay for $160, seemed expensive but I had to have one, once I got it though I found fit, finish and quality are excellent, looks like it was always meant to be there.

    Next was Oxford heated grips, a must for me now, love em.

    And the Yamaha genuine accessories page is a good start for idea's.
    MT-07 | Y-Shop Australia
  6. That radiator Guard looks excellent! Ta
  7. Thanks guys, much appreciated
  8. Will also be picking up a rad guard for my MT! Tail tidy is a must too!

    Post picks as ya go Kyle!
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  9. My mt-07 so far,
    1.added reflective rim stickers
    2.Made my own radiator grill. (purchased grill from supercheap, cut to size, made a stencil and sprayed mt 07 on it
    3. Have also purchased an Airhawk 2 seat cushion as the seat is crap, makes for a more comfortable ride
    4. Upgraded the L plate to a P plate

    looking at adding the following
    1. tailtidy
    2. led blinkers
    3. new exhaust, (looking at akrapovic, but will consider SC Project or Yoshimura) - Recommendation please, but want legal
    4. K&N airfilter
    5. Polished stainless radiator guard
    6. Frame sliders, rear & front wheel sliders
    7. Bar end weights and new grips
    9. A Puig Screen

    would be interested to see any of the mods done and your thoughts please.

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    thanks Mt-flex, will do

    has anyone purchased any of the Chinese led blinkers if so what are your thoughts
  11. Rad gaurd, Gps and heated grips. I'm into functional.

    Ride the shit out of it :)
  12. Nice hilsy, how is the gps mounted, and can it be centered
  13. Mounted with a RAM mount, could be centered, might make it hard to put the key in. Will get some shots for you.
  14. Thank you, didnt think about that
  15. i bought my accessories from the dealer. bike biz in parra. also the place i bought my bike, they do negotiate to an extent on gear/accessories
    Rizoma Tail Tidy $200
    Rad Guard $160
    Seat Cowl $300
    Rear Foot Rest Plate $110 (plates to cover bolt holes of pillion pegs, and hold brake fluid canister)
    Rizoma Pegs $110
    Peg Adapters $45 (a must to mount pegs unless you change the whole rear set)
    Rizoma Frame Sliders $155
    got my eyes on Rizoma Indicatores but they are $75 EACH. Acra exhaust is $1200ish. I took her down for a service and ended up spending $720 on shiney stuff.. lol wife wasn't impressed. like a kid in a candy store down there haha
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    Always good to ensure that your upgrades are functional - 'form must follow function' is my motto. You can spend a great deal of money on any bike and it can be utterly wasted imo -
    I still wonder about spending $'000s on an exhaust system that can only deliver a couple of extra HP
    Rad Guards are practical, so are comfortable seats etc. but unless you are planning for the bike to be a keeper, just bear in mind that you will not see any return on most of your 'investments' when you eventually sell it. And keep all the original parts that you take off - they can make a difference to sale value!

    We sometimes fit a TomTom to our MT-07 when people take it out with a SatNav - and found that handlebar mounting was the only safe way to go if you have the screen. Its going out on Friday for a week's tour - so we have set it up ready
    Like so...
    MT-07 TomTom mount #1.sm.
    MT-07 TomTom mount#2.sm.
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  17. Same mount, different position and adjustment.

    Although I agree with keeping it functional, I love the fact people are passionate enough to want to personalise their ride, if it makes you happy it can't be all bad.

  18. cheers hilsy thanks for the photo of how its mounted, are they easy to wire in, and do you notice the difference in balance by having more weight on one side
  19. It's too light to notice anything at all, does nicely give a little wind deflection though.
    Wirings not hard once you work out how to pop the side cover off and remove the seat. There is an auxiliary plug under the cover, I wired in a relay before finding that out though.

    I'd like to also wire aux power out to the accessory on so I can charge something with the key out. 20150809_143212.