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MT-07 being delivered Monday!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Simmo W, Aug 22, 2015.

  1. Yup, the 'eternity' of a couple of weeks has finally ended, just paid the balance, so stand by for lots of pics and hopefully a video or 2 from the new Sena 10C, of this noob coming to grips with the bike in our backstreets. Bought a white one, with a nice accessory 'comfort seat' and a couple of other small addons.

    I'll probably just repeat all the lessons we learned in the L course, a good way to get used to its traits, suggestions re. other methods to get up to speed, so to speak, greatly appreciated! I know I have to concentrate on keeping the head up, turn to look where I'm going and, most importantly for this nervous puppy, keep the arms relaxed. Easy to say!
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  2. Yes thanks, I popped down a week ago, looks great and a some nice folk and even better looking bikes!
  3. Thats awesome...and a reason to actually look forward to a Monday :D ride safe
  4. Congrats on your purchase, monday is going to seem so far away! Am interested to check out the footage from your Sena too.

    Hope the new toy takes you on many adventurous rides.

  5. Your spot on about those pointers. Keep up the confidence and you'll have lots of fun on your new MT! Waiting for the pics:]
  6. Ahhhh, the time is coming.

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  7. You will be in 7th heaven Simmo WSimmo W - just love the MT range - my MT03 is awesome and one day I might try hubby's 09. Looking forward to the pics and what you think of it after a few rides - congrats
  8. Only two more sleeps Simmo!
    I rode down to Flinders today....perfect weather for a change :)
    Can't wait until this running in thing is bloody over...I guess that the Yamaha will have to be run in too?
  9. Almost there Simmo..

    All the best and hope to see you in a few Saturdays.
  10. Thanks Guys and Gals. David, yes I'm afraid it'll need to be ridden in, not that I'll be thrashing it anyway!
  11. I don't know how you've managed to stand it. Probably the reason I've kept both of my bikes is that I can't not have one in the garage when the other is in for service.
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  12. Good choice your going to love it, had mine for 3 weeks and have 1800ks on it now :) just can't get enough.

    Dont worry about the run in, it will have plenty enough poke for you below 5000rpm for a while.
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  13. So - pics?!
  14. Thanks for asking. Bloody bank delayed the monday delivery, so I'm sitting here getting insurance finished, the bike is coming here in 55 minutes! Not that I'm counting...
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  15. Oh mate, bet you're almost holding your breath!
    Good things come to those who wait, as they say.
  16. NOT WRONG!!! I don't know how I am standing it. 54 mins to go, arrrrrghhh..

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  17. Has the bike arrived yet???

  18. is it here yet??? :whistle:
  19. Nope! Minutes to go I think.