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MT-03 Strikes Back - In Theatres now

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Brodie440, Jul 12, 2016.

  1. Hello fellow death defiers, as you all know i am Brodie and I own a 2016 Yamaha MT-03 (this is where the trouble begins). I have not been active on netrider for quite a long time and I'll get to why in just a moment. First off I'd like to say that all opinions and statements are mine unless directly specified or quoted otherwise.

    Okay, so my trouble began with the purchase of my brand new MT-03. To start his off I'll give you a little info on this bike, it's a naked 2016 model bike which I picked up brand new from a unnamed dealership. The bike has the same 321cc engine as the R3 and is essentially just a ripped down naked version of the R3. First of all, I love this bike and it far out performs my expectations for excitement inducing riding.

    Everything was going smoothly with the bike, I clocked up 1xxxkm on it and I was loving life with my brand new motorcycle. Being the impulsive teenager that I am I neglected the first service until about 1700 km, this is where everything gets dirty. I was on my way to Sydney Olympic park for a putty road meet up from my local area Bowral, I was plodding along at 110 (above learner speeds obviously) because I was running late with no plates on. I got just past Campbelltown and noticed the bike began performing sluggishly and power delivery was failing.

    So I began to check my displays and look for fault lights as well as try and distinguish the issue. Upon attempting to give it some throttle the engine immediately seized and I was greeted with a locked back wheel. I managed to pull over and skid to a complete stop without dropping the bike or injury. I dropped the stand and hopped off the bike completely distraught about what just happened. I did a standard inspection of the bike and removed the keys to see if I could find any external fault. Oil level was fine, engine temp was hot but the monitor said it was standard. So I decided to attempt to start the bike again, I start her up and am greeted with quite a weird knocking sound. I give it a little throttle and immediately discover the fault. My crank case now has a hole in it.



    so I'm like "shit my engine has a hole in it and I'm 100km from home what do I do?". My dad makes the trek down to come get me after being stuck on the highway for a little over 2 hours.
    We get the bike home on the trailer and call my local Yamaha dealer. This is where my nightmare begins.

    We book in to take my bike in for an inspection as it's clear that this is just a standard warranty claim and I'll be fixed up and sorted accordingly. Little did I know my bike was the first in Australia to fail and I was one of the first 10 off the dealerships floor in Australia.
    This led to my engine having to be ripped out and sent to Yamaha for an inspection which took 2 weeks of not knowing anything about what's going on.


    At this point I contact Yamaha directly and ask for some sort of loaner bike or transport replacement as I had career developments in the works that required transport. I was met with a stern "cant happen" and "we cannot give you a new bike under any circumstances".

    This left me very displeased with the support I was receiving which lead to a disgruntled Facebook post on yamahas Facebook. At the same time they finished distinguishing the issue which was indeed a manufacturing fault. The plastic gear in my oil pump assembly had snapped and caused the oil pump to fail and the Conrod to snap into the crank case. I was sent a new engine within the next week and it was installed within a day, bringing the entire ordeal to a total of a month without my brand new motorcycle.




    Here I am today back on the bike on old pacific highway loving life. Just thought I'd share my story with everyone on my warranty experience. See you all on the road.
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  2. Yikes, you have to worry about quality control in these once-great companies when things like this can happen....
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  3. Brodie440Brodie440 Glad to see you're back in the saddle mate. Interested to know what Yamaha did (if anything) about the Facebook post? And are you out of pocket at all besides the month without a bike? Or was it all covered under warranty?

    Stoked you didn't have a tumble when the back wheel locked up... That sounds terrifying for a rider of any experience level, let alone a learner. Take it easy on the new engine yeah? Old pac is my haunt, and I get a few weekdays off here and there lately. Drop me a line next time you're up this way and I'll come for a burn. Currently scrubbing in some new pr4's on the firestorm, and the cb400 is due for new shoes too. That old girl needs a bit of tlc though, her old age and her life in the rain is definitely starting to show.

    Have to go for another blast up Macquarie pass when I get the chance, I'll make sure I let you know when I'm headed down that way. I haven't been around kangaroo valley much at all and I've heard it's a bit of alright on 2 wheels so we'll see what happens...
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  4. Yowzers! I saw that first image and was like WTF!!?!??!!

    You know what irks me the most about your story? The fact that Yamaha refused to offer any sort of loaner bike, you'd think the dealer would have come to the party too... poor form Yamaha, poor form.

    So glad though that you're back on the road :D
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  5. Yeah, give us all your money for a brand new bike we made with a dangerously cheap part, almost neck yourself on a rear wheel lockup on the motorway, trailer the bike back at your own expense, and then let us examine it at our leisure before we agree to do anything, and walk to work while we slowly fix the bit that we should have done properly in the first place.

    That leaves a bad taste in my mouth...
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  6. I was greeted with a simple "we'll get back to you"
  7. Deadshits. Hope the new engine gives you a few more kms than the last one ;-)
  8. With the margins dealers are running on, I'm not surprised that they don't offer loaners, (not to mention what insurance must cost..)
  9. If you look closely you'll notice a wild L plate has appeared on my bike after a recent close call with authorities ;)
    Edit: apparently wheelies are illegal
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  10. Glad you're back in the saddle :)
  11. Don't be shitty about the plate mate, I know whenever I'm in a cage (and on a bike for that matter), two wheelers with L plates get extra distance and more room, from me at least. I don't know if it's true for all cars but as a rider in one, I know how much is going on for you when you're new to riding so a bit of extra distance and some more room can help a lot.

    It's not a punishment to have a plate on, even though it can feel like one sometimes ;-) it's there for your safety, and if I see it on the back of your or someone else's bike I'll always try to back off and give you more room to do what you need to
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  12. i recon you should think yourself lucky that they fixed it for you
    you did run the bike much longer than required for first service
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  13. I think if they wanted to be a-holes they could have denied the warranty claim out of hand. You were lucky, kid.
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  14. Agree with the above. I didn't ride my duke 390 for 3 weeks because it was due for a service and I couldn't get in till then. They informed me not to ride it....glad things have worked out for you though.
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  15. Services are classed as advised and are not warranty voiding. Also something I picked up. It was a manufacturing defect mate.
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  16. I see that lol...but was just a thought in regards to servicing....maybe I am a bit anal" when it comes to things like that!!!
    Good to see that bike shop (know which one of course) treated you well. I have dealt with them before and they seem pretty good. Now, no more wheelies
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  17. yes it was
    but i think you will find that not servicing at required intervals can void your warranty
    im happy they fixed it for you
    but to me you sound like a bit of a dick
    not displaying l plates, riding like a dick head on public roads when you dont have much experience
    expecting every one to bow to your needs
    yada yada yada
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  18. I just got home and looked through all the pictures. FFS mate get yourself some decent boots (or even some average boots! Every farm boy down your way has a pair of RMs at the doorstep. That shoe will open up like the mouth of a puppet) and at least a pair of jeans before you spend any more money on your bike. I thought we went through that last time. And leave the front wheel on the ground for a while - Wheelies might be cool but wheelchairs are definitely not..... I'm glad you're okay and the new bike works. Be gentle. And maybe stop breaking the rules until you've done your time and learned a bit more. I'd hate to see you trash your new engine and possibly yourself.

    On that note I'm doing a training course run by stay upright on the south circuit at eastern creek on September 19 with a couple of mates, would you like to come along? I still haven't met anyone who has said rider training was a waste of money. Boots with ankle protection are required though so you'll have to sort that out first
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  19. I may have to eat some humble pie here. Taken from the Yamaha Australia website:

    Will my warranty be affected if the periodic service is done by a non - Yamaha dealer?
    No. Warranty covers the unit for manufactured defects. The quality or lack of periodic service has no influence on whether a failure is a manufactured defect or not. Warranty doesn't cover failures caused by faulty workmanship by others. We recommend you use a Yamaha dealer. They are factory trained, have the necessary special tools and up to date information.
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  20. Okay dude, chill.
    1. The wheelie pic is in a closed car park at bennelong park. Do you want the google maps coordinates? It's near the learner sessions on Saturdays. Police pulled us up in the car park not on the public roads.
    2. I was told directly by my dealership that Yamaha or any other company can in no way void my warranty for service intervals if the bike is maintained appropriately. The oil had been changed since purchase of the motorcycle and the chain had been upkept appropriately.
    3. Sure I don't display L plates most of the time and that's my decision and albeit a bad one I make a lot of travelling to and from the city from Illawarra way.
    Thanks for your post though and I respect your opinion and I'm sorry if you don't agree with mine.