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MT-03 Flat Battery

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by Arokh72, Sep 18, 2014.

  1. After a nice ride yesterday stupid me turned the key a little far and it went to park. Sadly didn't notice for quite a few hours and as such the battery is flat. Tried bump starting to no effect, and decided to stop before I kill myself or the bike. Only option is a charger. Thing is the battery is under the fuel tank (WTF Yamaha?). Sure the tank looks easy enough to come off, remove the seats, a few bolts and the lines, only issue is I'm afraid of spilling petrol everywhere once I get the lines off, I also don't have the means to siphon the petrol off. Is it possible to get at the battery without completely removing the tank or am I stuck taking it off?

    I'm sure once I get the charger on I won't need to worry about getting at the battery till it comes time to replace it.
  2. You should be able to prop the tank up and get to the battery without removing lines. Alternatively can you get to the starter solomoid and frame rather than the battery.
  3. Jump start it. Way easier than all that. Get a mate to give you a push, put it into 3rd or 4th and quick let clutch out and back in, give some throttle.

    Really is much easier than you think.
  4. Thanks oscar I tried doing that much of yesterday to no avail. It turned out to be a lot harder than I thought, in fact almost dropped the bike at one stage.
  5. It not easy the first time and risky. I don't suggest running and jumping on. That is for the most skilled. But if you can get a mate to push you, only need to get to 15km/h I would say. Maybe less. For a while there my house mates r6 had a dead battery, we pushed started it every day for a bit.
  6. Just in the interests of terminology, a jump start is off another battery. Putting the bike into gear, hauling back on compression, clutch in, ignition and fuel on, pushing like hell until at a decent running pace, leaping sideways so right bum cheek lands on seat while simultaneously dropping the clutch, hoping the engine fires and, if it does, getting left foot on the peg and swinging right leg over the seat and into the saddle; and if the engine doesn't fire, stopping and repeating until all will to live is gone. That's a bump start. From personal experience of my high compression all-alloy Matchless many years ago, and the way all bike races used to start. Of course, using a mate to push, or gravity in the form of a hill, all helps, but if it doesn't fire and you're now at the bottom of the hill, life gets even bleaker.

    These days I just make sure my Honda has a decent battery!
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  7. After leaving ignition on overnight (completely flat battery). I jump started the bike using a battery tether on charge for 30 mins, rode for 2kms. Batttery went dead flat again at 70kph, speedo going nuts, lost all power. Had to push the bike back over some really steep hills. (a bump start wouln't start the bike for longer than 5 seconds).

    (Might want to charge it overnight to make sure same dosent happen to you). Or unplug the headlights as they seem to draw a lot of power (according to UncleGreg).