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ms'z want's a cruiser !!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by 87crisis, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. i'm trying to encourage her to either purchase a racing bike or simply take over my gpx and i'll get a new bike yet she seems set on the concept of riding a cruiser...my issue with this is that i know for a fact that nearly all the lower cc cruiser bikes are small and not all that appealing (of course she's smitten after seeing my old fella's harley in action)

    is there any cruiser bikes that any of you can suggest that are abit bigger and beefier looking than per say the cb250...i think although powerfull she'd probably be better off on around a 400cc bike as she's probably gonna be stubborn and stick with the bike for a few years or until she runs it's little engine into the ground...anything smaller or bigger (lams obviously) will be up for consideration obviously

    (+ i know she should learn on a cruiser from start as it's probably better long term for her riding skills/roadcraft if you will...but feel the gpx or a racing bike will make life easier for her to settle into riding...she's a confident lil bugger but also stubborn so im leaning towards giving up on the racing bike concept):nopity:
  2. Has she seen a CB400? Lol, I'm just biased coz I love mine.
  3. Yamaha V-Star? 650, so it's beefy and large.
  4. +1 If you want a crusier, its about as good as it will get at that is LAMS. She will need to be able to balance it though at lights, so if she is a smallish girl, she may struggle due to the weight. But otherwise its a 250 virgo, with little guts.
  5. Suzuki 250 Intruder?
  6. Laro 350?
  7. the vstar 650 is rather beastly and she does like it...but the weight would be a concern i'd have to take her upto a local bike shop to size one up...

    she does rather like the laro 350's but what are the build quality of them? would it end up being like hyo's or the sachs bikes...where they end up just falling to shit after a few months...havn't heard much about them (cc wise 350 would be perfect And the cb400 and vstar 650 would be able to keep her going once she's off her restrictions)
  8. yes, definitely do this... i have an xvs650 and was initially concerned at first until i sat on it and was relieved that it wasn't as heavy as i thought it'd be.

    now i'm off restrictions and thinking abou the next bike, my mrs wants to take over my xvs650...
  9. Hawklord is selling a nice XVS650, I had one a couple of bikes back, cause of low seat and lower centre of gravity, when stopped just that fine balance worked out will take away any 'weight issues' great comfy balance when you get up and go and yes they look nice too :)
  10. xvs 650 is a beefy bike but because its so low to the ground its pretty easy to move around. I second the 535 though, far lighter bike and still low to the ground.
  11. In the states most woman buy the Star XVS950. The newer XVS1300 with its fuel injection and being water cooled is fast becoming a mid weight touring cruiser, and it gets great fuel mileage. I own one and its a really nice affordable cruiser.
  12. Nightowl is also selling a very nice XVS650, and when I say nice I mean *mint*
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  13. im also selling a nice XVS650 ;)......................but I might wait until the warmer months and probably Dec time. But if lighter is whats required then get the 535 instead.