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msn passport

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Kaos, May 12, 2005.

  1. I know this has nothing to do with bikes but i have noone else to ask. Has anyone else had a request to enter personal details when trying to sign into msn passport. Ive never seen it before, and you have no choice to enter details to be able to use the service (which is important as im admin to a few msn forums).
    Im just wondering if its legit, and if it is, its farked! Micro$oft have you over a barrel, you need to be able to log in, but to do so you have to enter details which they will then use for marketing and to send you crap youre not interested in, as well as in licence agreement it says that anything you post etc can be used by Micro$oft to do whatever the hell they want with it as it becomes theyre property. Man this sh|t really pisses me off.

  2. Can't you just give fake details. Other than one or two trusted websites such as Netrider, MRA Forum, etc. I don't give out locale, name, real email (other than a Hotmail type account) or phone details. They don't need to know that stuff.

    It's when they require credit card details that's a biatch. But they need to know that info to stop CC fraud. I'm just going through getting a new card after mine was compromised, according to the credit union. (no dough lost, thankfully).
  3. No reason not to give fake details... although to be honest id say just check the required fields and just fill them in with not so much false and insufficient information.

    That way should anything ever come of it (un-freakin-likely) then its a non-issue.
  4. Thats why smart people stay away from M$ , I remeber hearing a while back their
    U beaut passport database got hacked..

    The original idea behind Passport, was to store your details, including your CC , saving you the effort of having to type it all in again when you use a website that accepts the passport system,. Several other similar systems , are/where around like the Java Wallet from sun.
  5. If a web site asks for my email address, and they dont need it to send info to me (like a registery key) I just give my email as bullsh#t@bullsh#t.com

    it works every time,
  7. I was interested to hear about a cash-back deal that MS were having on hardwore - it was something like $30 cash back on any MS hardware item.

    I was planning on buying some keyboards and mice that were on special at target for $25 each and making money off it.

    However, they insist that you sign in with your Passport and enter your mailing address so they can send you the rebate check.

    MSN + my full name, address, phone number etc .. good luck!