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M's Ride

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Kat Rider, Oct 28, 2010.

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  1. Just wanted some clarification on this weekend, i have googled and seached this forum for a spoken about M's ride but cant find any specifics.

    Can someone with the knowledge fill me in on the details


    Kat Rider

  2. Its a invitation ride only now and done by closed email,
    The ride is going ahead and is booked out,
    It is not advertised on here any where,
    The route is not disclosed to any one but the riders going,
  3. p.s. Are you a cop?

    Cops, hehe haha hoho

    Um if there is such a thing as an anti-cop i sign up as the one,

    Nope not a cop just new to VIC and wanna find some great roads
  5. yeah ok :LOL:

    I see you're going to coffee and meeting people...

    ...this is after all just a forum ;)
  6. As it is not on here, how did you find out about the M's ride any way,????????
  7. It was referenced though with no further information regarding where many people would be this weekend, so i searched the forums, came up blank thus made an enquirey.
  8. So where did your reference or spoken about, on the M ride come from.

    As it is not on here. Any where.????????????????????????
  9. Hey, I was asking the forum if any one was interested in doing a ride this weekend and some one replied saying that alot of people were going on the m's rife therefor would be already engaged, no further details were given

    I hope you have given thought to my proposal

  10. as has been noted, ride is full, and route has been given out to those attending only.

    That is all (can a MOD please lock this thread)

    Cheers stewy
  11. M's ride is an invite only ride that goes to the ... Secret Valley (sing along if you know the song), to be invited you must first find the Pirate Ride Route that’s been lost for weeks in the vast interwebs. (That’s a long time in the Interwebs)
    Once you have found the map you must decode the Cryptic Google GPS coordinates with nothing but a telescope, a blunt pencil and kittens that face north.
  12. Well it seems that this m's ride is quite the event, enjoy the weather.
  13. OH SNAP!!! :LOL:
  14. Give you a clue. try the Grampians.
  15. No no no they're going to Alice Springs!!
  16. Give the guy a ****ing break...if it's invite only that's it.

    Why be a smartarse about it?

  17. The guy moved from interstate and wants to join is a ride, is it too hard for someone to pm him and ask him along?
    If he can't score an invite even a polite pm letting him know about next time may suffice.
    Bamm bamm is right no need to give him a tough time.
  18. Well, I wasnt fkn invited either [-(

    (mind you I couldnt make in anyway as I've got to work, but thats NOT the point):nopity:


Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.