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MS Gong moto marshals 6th nov

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by jmuzz, Oct 6, 2011.

  1. I'm doing the motorcycle marshalling for the MS Sydney to the Gong ride on sunday 06/11/11

    This involves riding back and forward between Stanwell Tops and Thiroul (the bridge south of RNP) on the coast road surrounded by thousands of cyclists. There may also be runs within RNP, I'm not sure. Not constantly riding, stop anywhere to watch or chat with the cops, RTA guys and foot marshals.

    The main roll is to report in any crashes, heart attacks, major mechanical failures. And the marshals presence keeps a bit of order when cars get onto the closed road and cyclists think they can ride on the wrong side, although you have no more authority than the general public.

    The marshals standing in one spot all day also appreciate some company and news, and some relief of their position while they go to the toilet or have lunch etc.

    As far as I know I'm the only one currently on that section, no one else from another forum has put their hand up.

    It has a good tour de France feel in the morning, you feel like the motorbikes which are on that. In the afternoon it becomes a bit of a circus with all the costumed riders, fools riding on the wrong side of the road which is open in the northbound direction, and maniacs who go too fast down the hill, then burn the brakes up, which over inflates and explodes the tyre and they crash spectacuraly.
    The police Motos escort groups down the steep hill to keep their speed under control.
    You just wait around until 9 or so, the early cyclists are experienced Lycra clad road riders and they can take care of themselves.

    Express your interest here. You need your name down in advance so ASAP commitment please.
    L's P's are fine, though you do need good enough control not to fall off cause an incident with a cyclist, since they will all gang up on you.

    Date: Sunday 6th November. Note this is the snowy ride weekend.
    Commit by date: ASAP, within 2 weeks at most.

    Time: generally around 6:30am at Stanwell tops to be breifed, though a later "shift" may be ok, but would need to check.

    Need: mobile which you are prepared to use to call anything in, this won't be much, if at all.
    Motorbike, and license to operate it.
    Stuff, like a hat and suncream. Your riding at 20 to 40kph most of the time and spending time off the bike, so don't really want to be in full leathers, jeans and mesh jacket would be ideal, weather permitting. I can organise a safe location a stanwell park for leathers etc to be left for the day.
  2. lol they wouldnt like me there, very loud pipes :D
  3. Sounds interesting and would love to do it but only being on my Ls I'm not sure I'd be up for it this year even though I have been riding along this road a bit lately for practice...I'd definitely be keen for it next year though!
  4. I am one of the cyclists riding down... Look after me :)) Raised just over $1000 so far
  5. I will be riding my push bike on the day, 4th year for me.
  6. Ralph, Luigi - I'll be on my push bike as well.
    jmuzz - watch for the fat guy who looks like he'd rather be on the motorbike.
  7. I completed the 90kms. My legs are killing!! I went way to hard to start with, with the lads from work, so we averaged above 30km plus in the first 20 kms. Shot my legs to pieces when it came to the hills. But got through it. i raised about $1200 for MS, so that was pretty rewarding - and having accomplished that ride, pretty happy with that too.
  8. thats why they put engines in bikes :)
  9. #9 lui, Nov 7, 2011
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    You wasn't there, the screeching noise coming from the V-brake while descending would easily out done your pipes :)

    Was quite embarrassing, the guy next to me was saying my bike needs a service. But I've just installed a brand new $300 brake set, may be it needs a new wheelset too!