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MS enters the phone market

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by jirf88, Feb 16, 2010.

  1. http://gizmodo.com/5471805/windows-phone-7-series-everything-is-different-now

    It was only a matter of time... The device interests me because MS has shown itself as being good at making cool devices if it controls the manufacturing of the hardware. They just suck at selling them and enter the market late.

    But what interests me more is that now the three largest PC players are in the smartphone market... Apple clearly has a head start (to the tune of three years.. thats a massive head start) and Android still has the stigma of being a niche OS... Not everyone wants to be able to access the phones shell (like me :D)

    Will the WinMo fans jump aboard? Will it be good enough to make newcomers jump aboard? It all remains to be seen, but from where I sit, the make or break of this device will be its synchronization abilities...

    Discuss :)
  2. Looks like an interesting device. Google is also bringing out a phone too called the Nexus One which is supposedly meant to be better than both the Windows phone and iPhone.

    Let's wait and see how these newcomers shake the market place and hope it drops prices and makes them more affordable for the masses to buy.
  3. when will they get with the program and make them dual sim?
  4. MS Has been in the phone market for a long time.
    Well before Apple was.
    My personal belief is this is a total destruction of the Windows Mobile platform.
    It has been a very open platform historically, allowing for open development allowing people to build apps and modify the OS to there needs (Hack if you like)
    By going down the same route as Apple, they are going to make it just an other iPhone clone.
    Note that the current generation of Windows Mobile supports relatively strong multitasking. This new OS will have limited multitasking like the iPhone.
    So basically they have just taken what made them strong, and thrown it out the window to become a late comer in a saturated market.
    I am tempted to get a HTC Touch HD2, because that looks to be the last of the WM6.5 devices available before this abomination is released.
  5. It's NOT a MS made phone, it's the new version of WinMo OS. The difference is that MS are giving stricter hardware requirements for phones they'll allow to run the OS. It will still be made by many different manufacturers.

    What I find surprising is that they are removing theming which is one of the big drawcards for people going the WinMo route. They are also, according to the article, making it so that the new Windows OS phones will NOT work with Macs. At least Apple provides cross platform compatibility. Seems an odd thing to do.
  6. The previous versions of windows mobile have been great in the way that anyone could tweak pretty much whatever they wanted, which is great, but it had one major down side. Windows mobile was, putting it nicely, complete and utter rubbish. I am yet to find anyone that actually likes windows mobile for a reason other than it not being "crap" made by some non windows company, and I worked for Telstra for a few months there so saw a few of them handed out (usually work phones, not a product the customer had a choice in).

    Anyway, some companies got it running reasonably well (the HD2 comes to mind), but it took the companies, what, almost two years to get it there? There is a good reason Microsoft has taken this route, hopefully they execute it well and it works for them.

    Although, in my opinion they're a bit late in "getting it right" (if it is as good as it looks), the iPhone has a good head start on them, lots of people have them, love them, know how to use them. But, that said, we all know microsoft, if they really want it they'll keep throwing resources at it until it works and all the people saying it'll fail obviously don't remember the xbox story.

    How well will it go? Not sure, but I think it's going to be the closest we come to seeing the iPhone knocked off it's perch (and good, they need a kick up the arse in so many areas).
  7. Guess they don't give a toss about the mac customer and they can afford not to support them, mac on the other hand really needs the windows customers.

    I was also reading somewhere that it wont allow you to sync via a cable old skool style (don't quote me), all calendars and stuff have to be done over the air? I know cloud computing is the way of the future and all that, but....
  8. Well Mister Bling, I think you would find that the reason you saw so few is that Telstra supported almost no up to date models of Windows Mobile phone.
    You could get them from other vendors or import them, but Telstra’s support was garbage.
    I chose Windows Mobile, and have leveraged it very effectively to cover my needs in part because of the flexibility it offers.
    As for it taking “almost two years to get it there?” that is a load of garbage.
    There have been some very good WM Devices around for a long time before the iPhone hit the market.
  9. the new winmo7 is such an utter crap... MS just took the first hit to reel towards the grave now.

    I always enjoyed the features Winmo had. I loved its regedit, and RDC capabilities, apart from the total customization to make it do whatever I want.

    The SENSE UI on my HD2 is way better than what winmo7 looks like :| But even without the GUI intigration over the winmo shell, I still enjoyed my early Dopods and Imates.

    I'd agree with Falcon, there had been loads of good winmo pda and ppcs in the market way before Iphone existed. Even though the mass people didn't know about them, they were still quite prominent in their target market.

    @Falcon, get the HD2, it keeps amazing my everyday with its capabilities. :)

    @Resmen, Google Nexus is already available in the market. :)
  10. Your spot on, most of the windows phones did flunk Telstras "initial tests" (what exactly the boffins test is anyones guess and I shudder to think) as do many others, so no, they didn't stock a huge range of windows mobiles thank god.

    I could bang on about the problems Telstra have with them (that are not their own fault), the fact that no one I know has owned one for more than a few months and all the usual arguments, but arguing is a waste of everyones time and it's not what this thread is about.

    Anyway, I'm glad it's working well for you, really that's all that matters.

    I also hope like crazy that they (Microsoft) win back a bit of the market share (which last time I read about it in the news was less than 10% and falling) so other companies get a bit of a kick up the proverbial.
  11. It meant the things actually worked, weren't STUPIDLY expensive and didn't allow Telstra to have a monopoly on the retail side of things, hence they 'failed' :nopity:
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  13. For a launch I would've thought they could have at least got the font size right.

    I would get the irrits looking at that calendar every day.