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MRZ - Honda VTR250 Red 2006

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by MRZ, Nov 7, 2011.

  1. Hi All

    Thought I put up a photo of my first bike and put up some general details of the bike. Took ages to decide on my first bike and having my budget stretched out gave me more options and eventually a suitable VTR250 was for sale. Was glad I didn't go less than 250cc and very glad I got a VTR250. Bike has scratches, the normal type thing on a learner bike, main thing is that it runs well and rides straight.

    I wanted a later model with a tacho, lower kms and for me Aus delivered. Not a fan of imports, I hear stories from import cars and therefore would be similar to grey import bikes.

    Any way here is a photo of my bike after a few months ownership.

    Put on a rear hugger to reduce dirt flying up while riding in the wet, has helped a bit and to stop dirt flinging onto the rear suspension.
  2. Ok some general info stuff to help other VTR250 owners.

    Tyres. Size for the front is 110/70 R17 and rear 140/70 R17.
    These sizes are more common compared to a smaller bike when I was looking at buying so you have more choices available. I was lucky my bike came with near new Bridgestone Battlax BT45 front and rear, from what I read are a pretty good set of tyres. Dual compound, touring style tyres. There are other good tyres listed on the forum and will look at it when the time comes.

    Tyre Pressure. The owners manual list Front 2.00kgf/cm (28.5 PSI) and Rear 2.25kgf/cm (30 PSI) I like to run it a little higher at 31/33psi (hoping my pressure gauge is accurate). You can run it at as what the manual says or a little higher depending on how you feel with the bike. Also tyre pressure guage. Has been discussed to buy a good unit for accuracy. I got a dial type one over the digital as I don't need to replace the battery.

    Chain Matainence. There is a sticky on how to do it. Useful read.
    Get a roller thing for the wheel. You could get a rear stand but it seems to be a two person job, someone to hold the bike and someone to push the stand to lift up the bike. As its myself I got the roller thing. You could just push your bike forward to move the chain but roller thing makes it easier.

    Cleaning, I use Motul Chain Clean, it is a bit expensive for the can but it really cleans the crap off the chain, less work for me the better. Spray a bit on, get an old toothbrush and scrub the top and bottom part of the chain, the sides if you wanted to and then I spray a bit more on chain and wipe off with a rag. Rotate wheel and repeat process.

    Lubing, I use Motul Chain Lube Road. Goes on watery and dries like sticky adhesive. I just spray a bit on, rotate wheel and repeat. I don't spray that much on, enough to wet the chain but not excessive that its dripping. Can says wait 15min, by the time you pack up everything and clean up it 15min would have past.

    There are other products out there and covered in the forums, use what works best for you.

    Oil Change Owners manual says something like SE grade 10w-30 or SF grade 10w-40 or 20w-50.
    I did an oil change and used Motul 5100 10w-50. A bit pricey on the oil as I wouldn't spend that much on my car but given its a wet clutch setup and riding the clutch in peak hour, good oil will be better in the long run IMO. I like to use semi-synthetic oil in my car and likewise in my bike. You can use other oils as well, just comes down to how much you want to spend on it.
    Changed the oil filter as well since I do not know what the previous owner had done. Used a genuine Honda filter, part number 15410-KEA-305. Forget what the order was when I put back the filter in. Bolt>spring>washer>filter. Replace the two Orings, use oil to lube it first.

    Hope this has been of help.
  3. How much did you pay? I'm after one myself, well, a VTR or another naked 250..
  4. Where did you get the hugger? Is it model specific or a generic?
  5. Hey pastafarian. Sent pm. I got mine from dealers at the market price area. Will take time to find one depending how picky you are. Good luck with it, they are a great bike.

    Hi wokwon, pm me for seller. Seems only one place in Aus that does it (couldn't find from anywhere else including overseas), had to wait ages for it, was advised about 3 weeks to be delivered as it had to be made but ended up 6 weeks wait. It is model specific. I suppose you could use a generic one modded to fit.
  6. Got it, thanks. I looked at a VTR today and I'll be getting it this week :)