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Featured Mrs. wants in

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by bluebear, Apr 24, 2015.

  1. Hey all, I figured this would come under 'new riders'.I've been on my L's I think not even a month yet and already my girlfriend thinks she's missing out (which she is). She's been throwing around the idea of getting a bike and her license so we can go on trips and stuff. I have ridden dirt bikes as a kid and I always forget how handy that was in getting into road riding. Problem is, she has never ridden a motorbike by herself.
    I have taught her basic clutch principles and all the controls on my bike in the driveway, but I realise that without spending $400+ on her L's or $2k ish on a bike, there's not much more I can teach her. I would take her on my bike somewhere appropriate but she's only short and even the GS500 is a bit big for her.

    Yesterday we looked at a zzr250 up for 2 grand, i rode it and it had a sticky/slow throttle and was way too small for my 100kgs, but it ran well and fit her perfectly. She loved it too, but of course couldn't ride it.

    So my question is, how can I make it not such a big step for her? I do encourage her to just sort of jump into it (because we mountain bike and I know she'll love it in time, plus I want to ride with my woman!), but the ridersafe is pretty pricey these days.

    Any advice?
  2. Don't skimp on her training if you want to keep her.
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  3. Good advice, which is why I'd rather not have her just wait until she gets a bike to ride it, she isn't lucky as I was to have previous experience, and driveway lessons aren't worth much.
  4. Smaller size dirt bike, so she can get the same kind of experience you had. Second hand, use it off-road, then sell it after she's mastered bike control and move on to a learner road bike.
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  5. How about let her decide? You're her boyfriend, not her parent, after all.
    Surely, if she's a grown woman (which I assume she is) she can make her own decisions, just like any other adult.
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  6. I joined NR because I knew jack shite. To make it worse, I'm seriously vertically challenged at 5'1" and a light weight. Added to that I knew no one who rode. But I managed to choose and buy my own bike, teach myself everything in the beginning right down to clutch control and low speed maneuvering. I owned both the bike and the mistakes I made and I learned from it.

    Maybe she could join NR.
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  7. speaking from experience...my other half has ridden bikes all his life. For some strange reason (mid life crisis?) I decided I wanted a bike a licence and all the crap. Had been a pillion for donkeys but no experience whatsoever riding. OH did not say a word, let me do what I had to do, bought a bike (although he had to ride it home!)...He never said no ( luckily for him lol)...kept very quiet. Now, nearly 15 months down the track, P plates and nearly 9000km on the new bike and all is good. Let your other half do what she has to do. Do the Ls etc, see if she likes it....if she does all is good, if she doesn't well better to know before than after! I am sure she can figure it out for herself. Encourage her. Everyone will be happy :)
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  8. I got worried about the thread title, thought it had something to do with the words 'on' and 'strap'.
    I'm in the same boat, my missus also wants to start riding. She's a small girl and I know the dangers of riding but I have been nothing but positive and encouraging. I am also thinking of starting her on a dirt bike.
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  9. Oh forgot to mention the bike. Was thinking of a dirt bike to begin with but that all changed. I know dirt bike riding hones your skills etc...but I decided on a road bike because that would be the majority of riding I would do....and do! I am around 171cm (5ft 7 ish in the old scale). The duke 390 is an excellent learners bike (no I am not biased!!)...light weight, low (ok a bit expensive but am sure a second hand one could be picked up cheaper!). Anyway see what your MRS reckons...that's the important bit
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  10. +1 to all the above comments. Be supportive and let her decide and go about getting her L's her own way.

    I haven't got my L's yet and did fail my first attempt at that, but I couldn't even cycle properly. 10 weeks of daily cycling sorted out my balance and taught me to stay upright on a two wheeler. But the most valuable experience to learn to ride a motorbike for me was riding my friend's DRZ125. I practiced heaps in her paddock and learnt to handle all the controls and the weight of the bike as well. I did have three 1 on 1 lessons with Stay Upright and I could easily ride their CB125. Hopefully I'll get my ticket to ride this weekend!

    This is the link to Minority153Minority153 thread. She was in the same situation, and passed her test after some good work. Lots of great advice was given there.

    Well done to support and encourage her, as ExportswedeExportswede says, we need more women riders. Good luck ;)
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  11. I'd just book her into a 2 day L's course.
    I don't know exactly where you are, it's probably going to be a ridesafe course, but there a few different ones about.
    The first day would give her a clue if she wants to go on or not, and if she does then she might just come out with her L's at the end of it.
    My partner and I both did ours though HART and it was about $250 for the 2 days from memory.
    Once she's got the L's then you'll have to get her a bike to practise on.
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  12. If your girlfriend wanted a tattoo because you had one, what would happen next?

    Would she make her own decisions as to where, what and by whom, hopefully with your support and input?

    Or, would you take her by the hand to your favourite tattooist, pick a design and watch while it gets done?

    Similar situation with choosing to ride IMO.
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  13. Mate if she's keen, just do it. Teach her the basics to get her up and rolling around a car park or something quiet. Then L's and maybe some pro training. She'll be fine and you'll enjoy riding together. And yes I speak from experience....my wife woke up one day and wanted us to get bikes - so I bought her one that week so she couldn't renege on the deal lol. I taught her basics and once she had her L's and had a few months riding (to make sure she was a keeper), I got one for me too. Life is good!!
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  14. Horses for courses. I got my bike single seat rego'd. Its my escape.
    Can't fit two on a surfboard either. It's my escape.
    Missus won't /can't ride or surf.
    But there's probably a few years difference between the OP and me:D

    Sorry, not very helpful!
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  15. That worked for me really well.
    Had never hopped on a Motorbike before, so did the pre learners and learners over a full weekend, then bought a zzr250 (which was awesome to ride) to practice. After 3 months of practice most days I went for P`s and passed with no probs. I don't know if the courses are the same everywhere, but they shouldn't be too different from state to state.
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  16. You are one lucky SOB to have a partner who wants to ride with you!!!!!!! :)
    Jealous but just be supportive and and encouraging. Fantastic!

    As everyone else ^^^ get her into the learners

    Wow some great shared times ahead -you lucky lucky bastid ! :D
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  17. Thanks for the mostly positive feedback everyone. I intend to support and encourage her but for the most part its all up to her. For context, back at the start of the year when I announced I wanted a bike, she just thought I was going to die and hated the idea of it. Not long down the track and she's looking at bikes herself. I have already encouraged her to join NR, but that's up to her too.

    For now we will save our pennies (ridersafe where i am is $375 not including paying for the license after the course) and book her in, and in the mean time I will see if I can get her on a dirtbike for that practice because I agree its the way to go. It would be nice to buy a small dirt bike but I would be a bit worried about getting rid of it.

    Hey Fr33dm good luck on your L's! I found push bike experience to be a huge help in motorbike riding, and there's definitely fun to be had on two wheels (or one) without a motor!
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  18. I was thinking the same thing haha, cant wait :)
  19. Regarding the dirtbike. Use it as an excuse to get yourself one!
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  20. Have definitely thought about that already, but then what dirt bike would be suitable for her yet still fun enough for me? Haha actually I could still have fun with a peewee 80 I reckon