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Mrs Scumbag has a new black throbbing toy to play with.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mrs Scumbag, Jan 19, 2008.

  1. Yup that’s right folks…..today saw me take possession of my new ride….an ex demo Ducati Monster S2R 800 which shall from this day on be referred to as “The Darkâ€

    I found “The Dark†when I walked into Online Motorcycles in Albury looking for a $7 fuel filter for my 600…….I walked out of Online less $400 deposit & an urgent need to call my Financial Adviser to get access to more $$......I mean what was a girl to do ?......the right bike, the right colour (matt black), the right price all sitting there around the time that this last trip (Twin Peaks 2008) has convinced me (after much badgering from Scumbag & CeJay) to upgrade......what the hell !! why hesitate ?? all the planets were obviously in alignment & I just had to buy it.

    Today saw CeJay & myself back in Albury to pick up “The Darkâ€. For various reasons I had decided earlier in the week that the easiest & fastest way to collect “The Dark†was to drive to Albury & trailer it back……boy am I glad I made that call….it rained all the way to Albury & back again. CeJay & I got drenched putting the bike on the trailer, we ended up piling into the car looking like drowned rats.

    So a few thanks are in order:
    CeJay – for spotting the fact that The Dark was an 05 compliance, therefore not likely to be new, therefore likely to be affordable, therefore pestering me to buy it. Also for keeping me company on the trip to & from Albury & for getting drowned while putting the bike on the trailer with me.

    OnLine Motorcycles – Trevor, Ben, Phil & the team in the service dept.
    For looking after a lot of hot & bothered people on our first visit to your store, helping to get my 600 feeling a little better & then subsequently looking after me as we went through the process of actually purchasing The Dark. A special thanks to Phil who also got drowned helping us load The Dark.
    I can really recommend this store folks, the customer service rocks !!

    Scumbag – for automatically reaching for the Ducati Performance Catalogue & starting my “bling†list. As an ex demo bike The Dark is somewhat bereft of bling & is in desperate need of some after market exhausts…..so top of the list is twin side mount Termies, a Ducati isn’t a Ducati unless its loud !!

    I have a track day booked for ANZAC Day, I cant wait to see what The Dark will do at the Island.

    I’ll leave you now to have a private moment with my new toy……..
  2. HUUUGE!! conggratulations!! fantastic work!! now, i want to get in before ktulu.

  3. Schweeeeeet!
  4. I can't see pics!

    Is it that dark that its invisible?
  5. Congrats Elle. I bet the grin is gonna be plastered on your face for days. So will 'The Dark' be out for coffee on Tuesday?
  6. Awesome, congrats :)

    Pics soon!
  7. The Dark.


    Is it this dark?

    The disc on the left is the "Standard" for black
  8. Disgustingly good work there Mrs Scumbag. Congratulations!!
  9. Once again - Congratulations Elle - look forward to riding with you on the new toy :)
  10. Congratulations El! That's rooooly excellent! Hope "the dark" takes you on many happy miles!

    Does it look like this:

    I'm not really a naked bike man, but that's horny!
  11. Nadeen is so jealous of you long legged girls!
    She so wants something like this. But her ducks disease restricts her to the 1100 virago :cry: :LOL:

    Congratulations, looking forward to seeing some pic's with the 'bling' :)
  12. Robsalv that is the same bike as the Mrs has got. I am working on the bling.
    First to go are the pillion foot rests and holders, easy mod.
    Then the tail light gets changed for a LED set up I already have, then the mirrors change to something a little more stylish and that work better.
    Then get some money together to get the exhaust done.
    After that well, maybe a tail section tidy up and I know she wants a bikini screen as well. I know where I can get hold of a carbon fibre one at a decent price
  13. I'm starting to like those S2Rs more and more. Is she going to put some marbles in the clutch like G?
  14. Very nice Elle. Those are one good looking bike! Congrats.
  15. WooHoo Elle very nice, congrats & hope to see you on it soon :)
  16. Damn ducks disease. My missus has the same problem. Sammy was gunna get her L's until she sat on my old NSR250 and couldn't even get her toes to the floor. She then sat on a mates NSR125, same deal. So she gave up her dream of getting her licence.

    Congrats on the new bike. Dukes are one of the only bikes that make me think of straying from the mighty Zook. :grin:

    Enjoy :beer:
  17. Smack, in the case of the 800, it has a wet clutch, so no marbles. However, the 1000 has the dry clutch and potential for marbles. hehehe

    If you look on the lower RHS of a standard 1000cc engine, you will see a gasket beneath the clutch cover. You can replace this with an "open" cover and bring more noise. :wink:
  18. Congratulations Elle!
    Endless hours of pleasure. :grin: :grin: :grin:
  19. Yeah I realised about the wet crutch a few hours after my post. I need a rattle!
  20. Hmmmm

    ... there IS a pic of the same model bike in this thread, so I guess we do know what it looks like.

    No, I must be firm. If you bring a new bike home, and love it enough to tell the world, but HAVEN'T taken a picture to post, you're pretty much wasting our time.

    Mrs Scumbag. Please fix the thread up with a pic of the Duke, so we can all gawk, be jealous and congratulate you on your awesome new bike.